Sell parts online with Sophio and ship them with ShipStation! ShipStation completes order processing with ease.

About Sophio

Sophio has been powering thousands of webstores who specialize in Automotive and ‘other motive’ since 1999. Our clients range in size from startups to billion dollar multi-nationals. With a Sophio store, you get catalog, commerce, and fulfillment all from a single vendor. Selling on eBay could not be easier with Sophio as your starting point.

Sophio Features We Support

Product Pictures & Weights
Product pictures and weights sync into ShipStation as soon as Sophio orders import.

Compatible with International Sophio Stores
Whether you sell in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Nigeria, or somewhere else, it simply works!

Tracking Information
We’ll send shipping and tracking information back to Sophio as soon as you create your label.

Customer Shipping Preference
We’ll let you know what the customer chose for their preferred shipping method.

Gift Messaging
If the order is a gift, we’ll include the gift message for the buyer.

Import Products by Linecode and SKU
The part numbers and brands you know.

Customer Information
We’ll import the full recipient address, email, and phone numbers.

Support for Checkout by Sophio and Sophio Webstore
Whether you’re using Checkout by Sophio or Webstore, we’ll import your orders the same way.

ShipStation ♥ Sophio

ShipStation makes your life easier and eliminates the time spent re-keying shipping info. Sophio is here to make the business of selling parts online easy. Together, Sophio and ShipStation take the pain and guesswork out of the fulfillment process.


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