Inventory, Order Management & Manufacturing Software for QuickBooks Online

SOS Inventory offers end-to-end control of supply chain, manufacturing, sales, fulfillment, and finance operations.

SOS Inventory, LLC, is a global leader in cloud-based inventory, manufacturing, and order management software. Its impressive feature set boasts everything needed to manage back-office operations, including warehousing, fulfillment, purchasing, manufacturing, and more. Most importantly, SOS Inventory is affordable for small businesses, costing a fraction of similar software. By switching to SOS for operations, companies gain functionality while lowering costs – the best of both worlds.

Real-Time Inventory Management and Operations Control
Enhance your ShipStation inventory management capabilities with end-to-end operations control that tracks every stage of your business: from receipt of goods, through delivery to the customer, as well as returns and service warranties in real-time. Items ready to ship in SOS Inventory will update your ShipStation account. Once shipped from ShipStation, your inventory counts will update automatically in SOS Inventory and generate notifications.

Consistent Data for Unlimited Locations
Create one version of the truth by sharing inventory data across all locations through a central database for greater accuracy in reporting and decision making. Locations can include third parties, such as a drop shipper, warehouse, or supplier.

Order Management
SOS Inventory gives businesses far greater functionality than that of the average order management software. Boasting a full suite of inventory management tools, SOS Inventory centralizes business information, which increases control and profitability. Whether your sales orders are imported from e-commerce stores or added manually, SOS Inventory can initiate many key processes from that information. Once sales orders are received by your SOS Inventory account, you can generate work orders, transfer products from one location to another, create pick tickets, RMAs, refunds, purchase orders, and invoices.

Manufacturing Features for Every Industry
Your production processes may be simple or complex. You may work with a single supplier or international supply chains. Regardless of your business situation, managing operations is a gigantic undertaking as products make their journeys from assembly, stock, relocation and shipping to distributors and/or retailers. If you don’t work with comprehensive manufacturing software, you may be at a competitive disadvantage. SOS Inventory provides all features to fulfill the needs of discrete, process, contract and make-to-order production. Production Optimization: visualize every aspect of a product from costs to lead time to improve operations. Accurate Records: Log all materials, transactions, etc. Online access from any on-site or remote location. Lot and serial number tracking. Create builds, assemblies, kits, etc.

Quick and Easy Implementation
Your business can be up and running in SOS Inventory in as little as a few days. Unlike expensive enterprise ERP systems, SOS Inventory is affordable, easy to use and implement, and comes with stellar support.

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