Shipping around the block or around the world, and ShipStation make USPS shipping a breeze.

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Print Labels with STAMPS.COM

You can’t print USPS shipping labels without access to USPS postage. That’s why we give all our customers a free account! That’s right… FREE! Plus, customers who sign up directly via ShipStation are qualified to receive a $50 discount off a scale and $50 off a printer on the store. That’s $50 off both a Digital Scale (70 lb, or 400 lb) and a Label Printer (Zebra GC420d). There will be a shipping & handling fee.

You can print your own shipping labels online in seconds including all the powerful features that you can access through ShipStation right from your computer.



Access to all Domestic USPS Mail Classes
First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Post, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express

Access to all International USPS Mail Classes
First Class Mail International, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International

Flat Rate Pricing
Quick, easy, and convenient!

Regional Rate Pricing
Save big on short-distance shipping!

Real-time Rate Calculation
Easily compare rates for various USPS services

USPS SCAN Form Support
Provides quick tracking information and proof of shipment

Hidden Postage Prices
Protect profit margins with by hiding the cost of your postage on the label


Hey, what’s not to love? gives you fast, easy, reliable access to USPS online postage and the lowest USPS shipping rates including discounts on Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express® and First Class® Package service. Whether you’re sending something around the block or around the world, and ShipStation make USPS shipping a breeze. Start saving time and money by linking your free shipping account today.

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