Tusk delivers reliable, cost-effective parcel shipping

Tusk’s parcel shipping network delivers reliable service, predictable pricing, and proactive support at lower costs.

Tusk Logistics is a national network of the best regional parcel carriers that puts Shippers first, with lower costs, reliable service and proactive support. We save Shippers 40% or more on every parcel that we earn.

Tusk’s technology connects your parcel operation to a national network of vetted regional carriers, all with pre-negotiated rates and reliable, predictable service. Integrating to your existing software takes minutes, and Tusk has your back with proactive shipper support on each parcel, in real time.

Reduce shipping spend

Tusk’s shipping network provides cost-effective shipping solutions, helping businesses save money on shipping costs and reducing overall shipping spend.

Decrease transit time

Our shipping network is designed to provide faster and more efficient delivery, so you can get your products to customers quickly and efficiently. This benefit can help improve customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Improve customer service

Tusk’s close relationships with regional carriers and proactive communication ensure that shippers stay informed about their shipments, minimizing the need for customer service inquiries and improving the overall customer experience.

Easy integration

Integrate seamlessly with Tusk for onsite label printing, ensuring the best parcel options for cost, speed, and service.

Efficient operations

Tusk’s daily parcel pickup, optimized for speed and cost, saves shippers time and money.

Proactive support

Tusk proactively monitors parcels to fix carrier issues quickly & notifies Shippers of potential problems. Strong customer experience, less work for you.

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