BuyOnlinePickupAnywhere (BOPA) for D2C brands

Via.Delivery is Buy Online Pickup Anywhere for D2C brands along with easy checkout and customer visibility with 21K+ pickup locations

In the D2C Brands Checkout process, the customers can choose a convenient local pickup location that works best for their lifestyle. Closest pick up locations are defined based on zip code and shopper street address. The option is great for customers looking for a cheaper delivery solution, the elimination of porch piracy, the inconvenience of waiting for a signature required order, or simply the desire to keep their delivery private. Via.Delivery offers over 21K, well known retail locations, for pick up covering 92% of the US population within 5 miles of any one location. We offer the ENTIRE solution including competitive freight rates for these delivery alternatives. With the use of our services and rates, organized, electronically tendered pickups occur with our carriers along with sequenced communications to your customers. We brand our merchant’s communication to their customers with up to 6 communications prior to the customer picking up their package(s).

Why use Via.Delivery

Reduced Shipping Expense
Commercial deliveries exclude or reduce many of the surcharges and accessorials associated with residential delivery. Offer your customers better shipping rates or improve your margins with savings in freight charges.

Eliminated Porch Piracy
Zero porch piracy means no costs associated with claims filing with the carriers and replacement orders for these types of shipment

Eliminated Redeliveries for Signature Required Packages
No need for 2nd and 3rd attempt when delivering to these delivery alternatives

A more Sustainable Delivery
These types of deliveries are normally generating fewer miles per delivered packages due to more than one package being delivered to these locations at once

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