Automate data to 500+ apps like email marketing, CRMs, and accounting platforms. Never worry about doing tedious, manual work again, and automate your entire workflow

About Zapier

Zapier is a workflow automation tool, allowing you to connect over 500 different apps together. Automate data from one app to another, and build powerful workflows without needing to know code, or request time from your IT department. Zapier makes it easy for anyone to connect their apps together in a matter of minutes.

Zapier Features We Support

Connect ShipStation Orders to 500+ Apps
Zapier automatically imports and exports your ShipStation orders and shipments to the apps you use.

Intuitive Setup
All it takes is defining a Trigger event (like a new shipped ShipStation order) and the follow-up Action to execute (like sending an SMS message).

Process Data Instantly
Your orders and shipping information will be sent to any other app in real-time while you focus on other work.

Filter and Format Your Data
Use conditions to only automate what you want. Format what comes through by converting currencies, capitalizing names, and more.

Automated Workflows
Chain as many Actions as you want after your Trigger with Multi-Step Zaps. Capture new customers on your CRM while archiving your new order to a spreadsheet, getting a chat alert, and setting up a task for its review—all at once.


ShipStation ♥ Zapier

Let Zapier help you automate your ShipStation data to over 500+ different apps. Create receipts in your accounting software from orders, send SMS messages for newly shipped orders, create leads and contacts in your CRM, even archive your orders to a spreadsheet without having to do any of that work yourself. You can also create powerful business workflows to satisfy your e-commerce needs from beginning to end!

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