Technology to simplify and scale your international ecommerce

Cross-border selling can be challenging, Zonos makes it easy. Zonos is a technology solution that simplifies international selling while you maintain control of your business, data, and packages. Zonos has over ten years of experience in cross-border technology and helps retailers grow their business globally without pitfalls. Businesses can simplify and scale their international ecommerce with software that does the heavy lifting for all things cross-border. Prioritizing the international customer experience is essential to success in the global market. Using Zonos helps drive repeat customers and increase orders by providing transparency and an optimized customer experience. Zonos technology can easily be added to your existing shopping cart to automate the calculation and collection of duties and taxes, simplifying cross-border selling and compliance. The order information is passed to ShipStation for easy label creation, which passes tracking data back to the ecommerce platform.

Reduce rejected packages 
Zonos calculates the duties, taxes, and fees associated with international orders so businesses can ship their packages DDP, and their customers aren’t surprised by a duty and tax bill upon delivery. Improve the shopping experience for your international customers by allowing them to pay these costs upfront, giving them landed cost transparency and faster customs clearance, and reducing the risk of rejected packages.

Automated HS classification
Stay compliant with accurate product classification codes. Zonos Classify can quickly and easily harmonize your products. Classify your entire catalog at once or look up HS codes using product descriptions or images.


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