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ShipStation and BackerKit Integration for Crowdfunders

March 6, 2015

Today ShipStation, the leading web-based e-commerce shipping solution, announced an integration with San Francisco-based BackerKit, a platform that offers a powerful crowdfunding solution for serious project creators with successful campaigns.

BackerKit streamlines the crowdfunding process from the time that the campaign ends to when the crowdfunder is ready to ship.

“At BackerKit, we’re focused on making crowdfunding for project creators as easy as possible,” says Maxwell Salzberg, founder of BackerKit. “That’s why we integrated with ShipStation. Through this new integration, crowdfunders can turn their backer data into actionable, ship-ready information. Not to mention the order information syncs beautifully between BackerKit and ShipStation.”

With ShipStation’s integration, BackerKit sellers can send their backers’ information as well as detailed product information, including product weights, SKU listings, and address details into ShipStation with just one click. From there, online sellers can batch process shipping labels and invoices, sync and organize their backer’s orders, find the lowest shipping prices, and more.

“Crowdfunding provides an excellent way for online sellers to get their products to market more quickly. However, it does present a unique challenge, because crowdfunders may have orders piled up before their products are ready to ship,” says Robert Gilbreath, ShipStation’s Vice President of Marketing. “Through our new integration with BackerKit, we fill this gap by making it easy for crowdfunders to fulfill their orders using ShipStation, no matter how they choose to ship.”

About BackerKit

BackerKit is a do-it-yourself backer management system for project creators who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns. Getting funding is only the first step in the long and winding crowdfunding journey, but BackerKit handles it all between the end of the campaign and getting the rewards to the backers. Learn more at https://backerkit.com.

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