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Making this better world a reality is at the heart of what Conscious Box does. People should be able to find healthier, more ethical products, and it shouldn’t be harder or more expensive. This is truly conscious consumption.

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Eco-Friendly Monthly Subscription Boxes
“ShipStation is fast and easy enough for our whole organization to use. The interface is actually pretty and when we have an issue customer service is amazingly helpful and speedy!” Jesse Richardson CCO/CMO

How did you come up with the idea to start an eco-friendly monthly box service?
Conscious Box is about helping people transition to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With a monthly box, we’re able to introduce subscribers to great products and companies right at their doorstep! In each box, you get the chance to discover new favorites while supporting more conscious consumption. It’s easy, fun, and like having your birthday every month!

What are some of your most memorable products that have been offered in your boxes?
We like to think that every month, all our products are the best. Of course, we’ve picked up a few favorites along the way: Natural Vitality has got the best vitamins and supplements around, Berry Plus sports the most creative packaging we’ve ever seen for laundry soap, and Vega One has introduced us to the most delicious tasting vegan protein blends. That’s not to suggest products like LARABAR, SeedBallz, Kelp Krunch, Wembé, and Planet Inc’s super-powered dishwashing liquid aren’t amazing though. Let’s just say we could go on for days about what memorable products have been featured in Conscious Box :)

How has ShipStation helped your business?
ShipStation has provided us with the shipping solution we’ve been looking for since we started nearly a year ago. Not only do we ship a consistent few thousand boxes each month, but we also deal with dozens of other orders, including press boxes and (of course) the occasional customer service needs. ShipStation brings the demands of each of these tasks together in one place and provides a functionality and layout that makes it all simple. It’s easy to organize our shipments, manual orders are user-proof, and we’ve got a system that we can trust to stay solid.

What is your favorite ShipStation feature?
Since we prefer our whole team to be knowledgeable about shipping, I know we’ve all got our own favorites. Mine, though, has got to be the simplicity behind entering manual orders and keeping track of shipments. It’s easy for me to get list of any new orders we need and remotely print them from my computer, so the labels are ready to go when I am. It’s turned a usually burdensome task into one that is easy for anyone – including the content guy (that’s me).