FringeSport offers amazing (& custom!) gear for strength and conditioning so you can become a stronger, leaner you wherever you are. The company and its employees promote healthy living and ShipStation has helped them ship across the nation!

Where They Sell
“We love the rules-based order processing. It eliminates a lot of guesswork from our order processing employees.” Peter Keller Founder & CEO


How did you decide to build your own strength and conditioning equipment company?

I was working for another eCommerce company in town, and I wanted to work in an area I was passionate about. The functional fitness / CrossFit movement was blowing up, and I knew I could design awesome gear, and bring a Zappos-level customer experience to garage gym-ers and gym owners alike. 3 years in, we keep growing and growing, with legions of customer evangelists. We’ve true believers in CrossFit, Atomic Athlete, and other functional fitness programming. We’ve all seen the studies-Americans are getting heavier and heavier-we’re doing our part to reverse the trend.

I’m guessing that you guys are all crossfitters or garage gym people; have any favorite workouts or tools?

Yes, we work out a little bit… or a lot! Fringe pays the gym/CrossFit membership for all full time employees-plus we have a fully outfitted gym on site. Lately I’ve been loving sled drags. You take a simple sled, add some weight, and pull. Most people do repetitions of 50 meters or so-but I’ve recently been dragging 100+ pounds for more than a mile (1600 meters +) at a go. It’s definitely a leg burner. It’s my “magical” workout. I recently climbed Grand Teton, and I really think the sled drags helped me get up the mountain!

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation has been fantastic for us. When our business was small, we handled orders on an order-by-order basis. Once we started to scale, that quickly became unmanageable… and time-consuming. ShipStation allows us to integrate and pull orders from our multiple marketplaces (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc.), process batch orders quickly, and get on with providing awesome customer service!

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

The easy integration across multiple marketplaces-our Shopify store, eBay, Amazon, etc. We also love the rules-based order processing. It eliminates a lot of guesswork from our order processing employees.