From the Kingmaker to Lost in the Woods, GoodBeards will keep your beard feeling—and smelling—great.

Where They Sell
“By adding ShipStation I was able to integrate my storefront with a tool that took the work out of shipping.” Dan Good Owner

I’ve been growing beards for most of my life at this point, but it was only in the last few years that I’ve actually tried beard oils and balms. Turns out, my beard loves it! Do you remember your first experience with a beard oil?

My first experiences with beard oils were that the products worked well from a conditioning aspect but I wasn’t pleased with the various scents and styles I was able to get. At the time it was either spend a crazy amount of money and hope for the best or try a few here and there and nothing quite fit what I wanted. A lot of companies taught the ultra manly appeal of a beard. Skulls, bikers, lumberjacks, Pirates etc… But there was really only one company I found that fit the bill of who I identified with (that I found). I didn’t even know about BeardBrand at the time as this was before the Sharktank episode including them. So I started a mini laboratory in my house and my bearded man alter ego was born.

GoodBeards’ oils not only have incredible names but incredible smells! How do you decide on a “flavor,” so to speak?

Nice, I always refer them to as flavors, and my wife gets a little perturbed at me for that. The development of a scent starts with identifying a gap. Something I am looking for or my customers are wanting to see usually spawns a new project. The first thing I created was the KingMaker, I wanted something manly and clean that really was different than everything else I had ever tried.

Beard maintenance and hygiene has really blown up in the last 5-10 years. What was GoodBeards done to set itself apart from the rest?

I take a lot of pride in knowing that everything we make I use. I have tested and tried and even my kids use a lot of stuff as well. My wife even gets in on the fun as she has replaced a lot of lotions she normally would use with our natural carrier oil blends and essential oil scents. I’ve made Unscented all natural balm to help with a friends new born baby who had eczema really badly. We have run multiple charity events to raise money for programs like our FoodBank’s backpack for kids programs and a neighbor boy who is fighting leukemia. Throughout this journey we have found a couple other like minded companies and have made and effort to help out where we can with raffles and charity auctions for various causes as well.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation was a Godsend. When I first started the website, I was manually taking order information and transposing that to I had to constantly check my site for orders and be on watch for what was going on on the site. By adding ShipStation I was able to integrate my storefront with a tool that took the work out of shipping. Offering tracking on items and the ShipStation connect app and tie in to my printers has been awesome. Really can’t say enough about the company and the good things you all are doing there.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

The tracking and integration features to Woocommerce. Seriously, it is one of the best decisions I have made for our small business. Thank you guys for being awesome and so easy to work with. You really do know how to just get ship done.