Lisa Wang started an eCommerce store with a decade-old brand. She needed a multi-channel shipping solution. ShipStation was the perfect match to “fulfill orders seamlessly from multiple platforms quickly in a centralized place.”

Where They Sell
“We’ve saved a ton on shipping costs and cut our order fulfillment rate in half.” Lisa Wang Brand Manager

Growing a community of wellness.

The founders of Nutri-Rich set out to bring wellness to the community. “We sell simple vitamins made with honestly sourced ingredients.” They’ve been serving the suburbs of Los Angeles since 1993. Until recently, they sold wholesale to small independent health food stores.

Serving a wider audience

In 2016, Lisa Wang led the efforts to expand the online presence of the Nutri-Rich brand. First, she launched an eCommerce store with Shopify. Then, they synced up Stitch Labs to handle their inventory management and listed their products on Amazon. Everything was ready to go except one key ingredient: shipping.

Before selling online, they sent tracking numbers to their wholesale clients by hand. “Shipping was done in a very old-fashioned way that involved loads of paperwork.” Lisa realized their workflow would have to be different to survive the transition. They needed a shipping solution that would integrate with all their eCommerce platforms. That’s why ShipStation became the perfect fit.

“It changed the way we perceived the shipping process.”

Seamless and simple

“It changed the way we perceived the shipping process.” They built a packing and fulfillment line in their warehouse for eCommerce shipping. The orders came in and ShipStation made the shipping process effortless. “Everything flows to a central place and information automatically flows back to our customers with the click of a button.”

Eze manages shipping at Nutri-Rich. You’ll find him walking around the warehouse with his phone in-hand to pick, pack and ship orders. All thanks to ShipStation’s mobile app. “Shipstation Mobile is fast and super easy to use. The application is straightforward and user-friendly.” Eze can stay on top of eCommerce orders as they come, in real time. “We couldn’t have asked for more features!”

“ShipStation Mobile is fast and super easy to use.”

Most of their busy work automates inside of ShipStation’s powerful software. “We’ve saved a ton on shipping costs and cut our order fulfillment rate in half.” They’re proud to offer 2-day shipping to their customers thanks to native rates in the app.

Building a brand

Saving time and money with ShipStation allowed Lisa to focus on growing her business. “It made us realize that we could allocate more time to building the brand and strategizing.” Lisa creates a branded experience for her customers with the help of ShipStation. She uses features like branded shipping labels, packing slips, and shipping notification emails. To give a personal touch, they also do branded packaging, free samples, discount codes, and handwritten notes. She says ShipStation allows them to spend that extra time that other 3PLs don’t. “ShipStation has taken the fuss out of packing and shipping our orders and streamlined the process so we are super efficient with our orders.”

Commitment to great service

“Our commitment to providing wellness to our customers and communities is reflected in our choice for shipping.” Keeping things simple and mission-focused is important at Nutri-Rich. They value their relationships with their suppliers and customers. ShipStation gives Lisa and her team a system that they can rely on to grow those relationships. “Now it takes a few simple clicks to pick and pack items, so we can dedicate more time to great customer service.”

It’s rare that Nutri-Rich contacts our ShipStation support team. When they have, Lisa says “they are quick to respond and are very helpful.” They appreciate that the support center provides detailed guides that answer their questions.

Cheers to good health

Nutri-Rich hopes to become a household name in the vitamin world. For now, they want to spread their message of health and wellness further and open more doors. Lisa adds that they have some exciting things in the pipeline. “A scientific advisory board and new tracing functionality for our products.”

Lisa says that ShipStation is a “vital part of providing great service.” It helps her team ship customers’ orders quick with an efficient workflow. As Nutri-Rich continues to grow, they know they’re in good hands. “Shipping is such an important component of great customer service that we’ll definitely keep using ShipStation.”

“We’ll definitely keep using Shipstation.”