Automate your Drop Ship and EDI Orders with ShipStation + Logicbroker

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Logicbroker offers a modern approach to drop ship automation by enabling you to send and receive EDI with online retailers directly from ShipStation, eliminating the need to manually process orders. Discover how you can free up resources by integrating Wayfair, Hayneedle, CommerceHub, Target, and more directly with ShipStation!


In this webinar, our speaker(s) will go over the following topics:

  • What is ShipStation & why it matters
  • How to optimize the fulfillment experience
  • Overview of EDI
  • What channels support EDI
  • Logicbroker + ShipStation User Testimonials
  • ShipStation cost overview
  • Logicbroker cost overview
  • Q&A

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Meet Our Guests

Zane Gamboa

Partner Marketing, ShipStation

Craig Regan

Director of Sales, Logicbroker
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