ChannelAdvisor & ShipStation: 5 Tips for Expanding Internationally

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Ready to grow internationally? Here are the 5 essential tips you need to know for a successful expansion.

Expanding your business internationally is not easy, but with a good international strategy, and the key points to take in consideration, the benefits will be great. Every growing business should think long-term about entering new markets, and this means international expansion. A profitable expansion takes time and requires a detailed and dynamic plan following essential steps that we will analyse today in this webinar.



In this webinar, our speakers will go over the following topics:

  • Market Opportunity 
  • Advertising & Marketing 
  • Internal Processes 
  • Logistics and Operations
  • Currency & Tax
  • Q&A

Meet Our Guests

Mike Hayers

Mike is the UK Country Manager at ShipStation in London. Mike and his team help tens of thousands of merchants improve their businesses by streamlining eCommerce fulfillment and automating their delivery processes. He’s now leading a sales team helping to grow the international market for ShipStation from the UK. He has a passion for helping small businesses grow into global retailers and work directly with varying size retailers on a daily basis across a broad spectrum of industries.

Sean Feehan

Sean, Senior eCommerce Consultant at ChannelAdvisor, is based in London and works with brands and retailers in EMEA to help navigate their online strategy. With a background in last mile logistics and now with ChannelAdvisor’s platform Sean is ideally placed to advise on the latest ecommerce trends as well as how to successfully do cross border trade.
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