Going Global: Strategies From xSellco and ShipStation

Join us July 11 @ 10:00am CST / 4:00pm BST!

Join ShipStation and xSellco to learn more about taking your ecommerce business global.


For many e-commerce businesses, tapping into the global marketplace presents the ultimate goal for continued growth.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the challenges and opportunities eCommerce sellers face when entering new markets. We’ll also look at Amazon Global Selling and how to manage inventory across all the Amazon marketplaces as well as providing tips on how to sell globally on Amazon.


In this webinar, our speaker(s) will go over the following topics:

  • Roadmap for going global
  • How to connect with online shoppers
  • Amazon Global Selling
  • International Customer Support
  • International Shipping

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Meet Our Guests

Brian Shalloe

Sales Manager at xSellco

Cody DeArmond

Director of Trial Sales at ShipStation
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