How to Compete with Amazon Prime One Day

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In this webinar, we’ll discuss the delivery landscape today, what the future of shipping could look like given the influx of faster delivery options, and ways smaller merchants can keep up with the retail giants through delivery and fulfillment optimizations.


Amazon Prime has changed consumer behavior. Many shoppers expect to receive their orders fast, often in two days or less. While Amazon has built the delivery network to offer this, many smaller brands are struggling to keep up. In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the current shipping landscape and discuss what it could look like in the next few years if customer expectations continue to rise. We’ll then walk through ways that online sellers can adapt their fulfillment processes so they can prepare for these shifts and remain competitive with the retail giants


In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The current shipping landscape and what the future may hold
  • Shipping and fulfillment strategies to help you differentiate yourself from Amazon
  • Tips on how to stand out of the crowd with post-purchase branding

Meet Our Guests

Kevin Kline, Channel Account Manager

Kevin Kline is an experienced sales and market research professional currently managing ShipStation global partnerships. He has spent over a decade in e-commerce helping clients, customers and manufacturers acquire the knowledge, tools, and instruments they need to succeed. Prior to ShipStation, he helped pioneer e-com strategies in the musical instrument industry for major brands such as Fender and Korg. He also helped execute global PR campaigns for fortune 500 companies during his time at the business advisory firm Public Strategies. He's an avid musician and father of two cute kiddos!

Kali Keesee

Kali Keesee, Director of Marketing & Partnerships

Kali Keesee is an experienced marketing and eCommerce professional who currently handles all marketing strategy and manages partner relationships for Gauge. Kali has been in the eCommerce industry for nearly 14 years. She has held a variety of roles on both the retailer and agency side, giving her a unique perspective on the challenges that eCommerce retailers face today. She’s also a dedicated mother of 2 great girls.
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