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In an increasingly competitive e-commerce space where customers want free shipping and to receive their orders faster, small businesses need more cost-effective choices and flexibility to meet customers’ demands. Through’s new partnership with UPS, ShipStation users can now access discounted rates of up to 62% off UPS Daily Rates. In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of UPS, the benefits of shipping with the carrier, and how you can easily get started with []. If UPS is not already part of your shipping mix, you’ll hear a few reasons why it should be.


In this webinar, our speaker(s) will go over the following topics:

  • • Why UPS: Benefits of UPS Shipping
  • • Overview: UPS Shipping via and ShipStation
  • • How to Get Started

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Jacquie Smyth & Bryce Cazier


Gabi Pritchard


Chi Tran

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