How to win at Multi-Channel, Selling on eBay and Amazon

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ShipStation & MoreCommerce will detail how to create and execute an omnichannel strategy on eBay & Amazon.


As ecommerce continues to trend more to omnichannel selling it’s more important than ever to be where your customers are. Customers want to buy from their favorite sites at the best price, and you want to meet them where they are shopping. That means each site provides a unique branding and marketing opportunity for your products. 

In addition to strengthening your brand presence,  each channel you add brings a completely new audience and the opportunity to increase sales.

Two standout selling channels in 2020 are eBay and Amazon. In 2019, on average more than 4,000 items were sold per minute on Amazon in the US. There were 182 million eBay users worldwide in 2019, with 10s of millions of users who never shop on Amazon. That is a huge opportunity for ecommerce businesses that want access to a large, net new audience. 

Sounds great, right? But where do you start? 

Adding additional selling channels can be intimidating, that’s why we have experts from ShipStation and our partner MoreCommerce to help break it down. In this webinar, we will discuss how to identify and avoid the pitfalls of multichannel selling on eBay and amazon, from tips to improve listings to streamlining your back end processes. We’ll also discuss how to identify opportunities including examples from real-life sellers who’ve walked the walk.


In this webinar, our speakers will go over the following topics:

  • The dangers of over-selling and how to avoid it
  • The importance of product listing quality and “searchability” on multiple platforms
    • How to match items on both platforms based on your SKUs, to create a unified product
    • UPCs, ePIDs, and ASINs, oh My!
  • Expanding from eBay to Amazon
    • The easy way to add your eBay products to Amazon
  • Shipping best practices for omnichannel selling 
    • Understanding and communicating shipping policies across channels 
    • Omnichannel returns strategies

Meet Our Guests


Marc Van Bree, Director of Partner Marketing at ShipStation

Adam Shahbaz, Vice President of Business Development at MoreCommerce

Adam Shahbaz is Vice President of Business Development at MoreCommerce, the parent company for Auctiva. He’s a technology industry veteran with deep experience in helping small to medium businesses grow. Adam is directly responsible for the partnership solutions delivered by MoreCommerce, and he welcomes your feedback, criticisms, and ideas at [email protected] When he’s not digging into the numbers to help SMBs grow, he’s usually in the mountains climbing rocks.
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