Multichannel Selling: From Order to Fulfillment During COVID-19

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Discover how your business can adapt, evolve, and overcome the latest challenges in e-commerce.


Covid-19 has changed all aspects of peoples’ lives, especially their buying behaviors. Brands and retailers are needing to adapt to the new norm in order to find continued success in this volatile ecommerce market.


In this webinar, our experts will go over the following topics:

  • The latest research and data on a number of the extreme increases and decreases in year-over-year growth rates among categories and subcategories
  • Relative growth in categories considered essential remaining strong as compared to more discretionary purchases or those tied to consumers being more mobile
  • Shipping & delivery challenges across the board and how to adapt your business
  • How sellers can rethink digital marketing strategies, adjust to marketplace changes, reprioritize budget allocations and adapt to transitions in consumer behavior

Meet Our Guests

Andrea McFarling Headshot

Andrea McFarling

Vice President of Marketing, ShipStation

Meghan Stabler Headshot

Meghan Stabler

Vice President of Product Marketing, BigCommerce

Derek Conlin Headshot

Derek Conlin

Sr. Director of Global Business Development, ChannelAdvisor
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