10 Checkout Tactics to Increase Conversion

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Join ShipStation to learn more about creating an effective checkout process and increasing customer conversion. And because we know a customer’s interaction doesn’t end at checkout, we’ll cover new ways to boost customer satisfaction through a high touch delivery experience.


While competition continues to heat up, brands are working hard to find the magic formula for Amazon success. From page clicks to cart conversions, getting customers to take action is a science. That’s why we’ve asked WooCommerce expert, WooCurve, to share how they’ve transformed businesses from small sellers into Amazon powerhouses. From product listings to the post-purchase experience, you’ll learn how you can go from a starter to a power seller with a few simple steps.


In this webinar, our speakers will go over the following topics:

  • How to build a checkout page that converts
  • How to help customers visualize how much they’ll save
  • How to write product descriptions that get your customers to take action

Meet Our Guest

Jenny Nguyen

Partner Marketing Manager, ShipStation
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