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The Merchants’ No‑Nonsense Guide to ERPs

As your business grows, spreadsheets and basic software can’t always fulfill your needs. Learn what an ERP (enterprise resource planning) software is, and how it can improve workflow and streamline data input and distribution for partners and employees.

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We surveyed 9,000 online shoppers around the world and over 300 ShipStation merchants to better understand how the current economy and lasting effects of COVID-19 are impacting ecommerce consumer behavior and what retailers should plan for to keep up with the shift in expectations. ERPs provide businesses with the opportunity to meet these changing expectations and help your business stand out.

Key findings include:

    • Buying behaviors are changing. 66% of consumers plan to change their buying behaviors in 2023. Your ERP helps you manage inventory levels, reorder points, lead times, and more to create a more balanced and profitable inventory.


    • Consistent communication is key. 42.9% of consumers said they would prefer to receive daily tracking updates about their package. An ERP system can take the manual labor off of the operations team and provide better data to solve quality issues ASAP. The result is marketing, operations, and customer service coming together to create a successful business and positive customer experience.


  • Consumers are less forgiving. 45% said they would be less likely to shop with a brand if their package got lost in transit. ERPs connect with APIs across your entire tech stack to avoid a poor customer experience or any other activity that could damage your brand long-term.

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