ShipStation High Volume

The Perfect Accessory for Fashion Businesses

Operating a large-scale fashion or jewelry business requires a lot of moving pieces. Consistency and efficiency across multiple locations, warehouses, and distribution centers is challenging. ShipStation lets you manage and create all your shipments in one place. Wherever your customers buy, you can view, manage, and ship orders from a single app. Some of the biggest brands in the world use ShipStation to simplify their logistics and fulfillment.

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Thousands of SKUs? Millions of Orders? Zero Problem!

Regardless of how many products you sell with color or size variations, ShipStation makes packing and shipping the orders easy. With scan-based workflows, packing slips, omnichannel picklists, and batch shipping options, your teams can keep up with the order volume and be sure you’re shipping the right items. Check out our Fashion Guide Sheet today to learn how ShipStation can help you take your business to the next level.

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ShipStation Carriers

ShipStation provides you with discounted shipping options as soon as you sign up. All you have to do is log into your account and start shipping. With discounts of up to 89% on top carriers like USPS, UPS, GlobalPost, DHL Express, and many more, you can find the right service for all your packages. If you need to use your existing carrier accounts, you can connect accounts from dozens of carriers, logistics providers, and fulfillment services.

Label Creation Options That Suit Any Need

ShipStation High Volume makes shipping affordable by giving you the freedom to connect to a range of carriers. You also get efficiency tools to crank out more labels, more packages, and route them to their final destination.

Streamlined Automated Workflows

Simplified ecommerce picking, packing, and shipping including automated order splitting and routing.

Real-Time Shipping Data

Track sales, items, and carrier for all your shipments, items, carriers, SKUs, warehouses, and workers.

Integrate With All Your Systems

Connections with hundreds of platforms, ERP systems, dimensioners, accounting software, EDI Connectors, ODBC systems, and much more.

Automate Everything and Save Hours Every Day!

Smart warehouse routing, scan-based workflows, shipping services mapping, and address validation reduce errors and workload.

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Guide Sheet: ShipStation High Volume for Fashion Businesses

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