Ever wanted a bunch of candy (possibly color-coded) for your next shindig? Candy Galaxy has everything you need, color-coded and in bulk for any purpose (including just for snacking!)

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“ShipStation saved us a tremendous amount of time when we switched to the platform and we haven’t looked back since.” Jonathan Murrell Founder

Being in the candy business has to be tough with all that merchandise in your warehouse; how do you get by each day without eating all of it?

That’s typically one of the questions that new employees have when they start with us. The starry eyes usually last only about a week though until you get numb to all the candy and sugar. I’m not saying that we don’t consume more chocolate per capita then any normal company, but we try to keep our blood sugar levels moderately healthy. Working with candy definitely has certain perks. When 2pm rolls around and everyone starts getting that hazy look in their eyes we can pop into the warehouse and bust out some fireballs or warheads to keep the energy going. Having access to tons of candy also makes office parties pretty sweet.

How have you dealt with shipping candy and other perishables, especially in the summer?

Summer shipping has been one of the most difficult challenges that we’ve had to overcome as a business. When we launched I’m embarrassed to say that we really underestimated how big of a deal summer shipping would be. We had to adapt pretty quickly during our first summer and we have a pretty good system in place. We typically will hold all chocolate orders that will have to travel over a weekend to avoid orders sitting in trucks or warehouses over a hot weekend. Between icing and holding orders over the weekend we are able to be pretty successful even shipping chocolate during the heat of summer. One major obstacle that we often face though are front porches. If a package gets dropped off on a doorstep and sits in the sun all day we’ve realized that no amount of ice or insulation will protect it.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation has allowed us to consolidate our orders from multiple channels into a single platform. The ability to print out pick lists and order reports that span multiple sales channels allows us to consolidate our picking and packing efforts. The tagging system lets us keep orders organized and helps us internally keep track of special situations like ice orders during the summer. ShipStation saved us a tremendous amount of time when we switched to the platform and we haven’t looked back since.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

Our favorite feature of Ship Station is definitely the ability to auto tag and filter orders. This process has taken a step that used to be fully manual and made it incredibly simple.