Exploring the nuances in ecommerce

Building long-term customer relationships is essential when it comes to capturing recurrent revenue, saving on acquisition costs and benefiting from satisfied consumers who are quick to promote your brand.

In our latest guide, we unveil the keys to unlock the secrets to customer loyalty. Through actionable insights on how to optimize your delivery processes, we help you provide your customers with experiences they desire, to ultimately increase conversion rates and secure loyalty.

Based on data from 3,000 consumers and more than 600 merchants across 6 key markets, find out how to deliver excellence from acquisition to retention.

77.6% of British consumers might dismiss a brand after a negative delivery experience

In this guide you will:

  1. Learn more about the preconceived notions that overshadow true ecommerce trends
  2. Understand the nuances in consumer behavior across several international markets
  3. Identify non-negotiable among online shoppers to establish strategies that meet their needs
  4. Get expert advice on how to optimize the online shopping experience from the checkout to the last mile and beyond
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