Moving to ShipStation’s New Layout

Learn more about ShipStation’s new layout, improved functionality, and exciting new features by watching our webinar “Migrating To ShipStation’s New Layout.”...

prepping for the holidays
Prepping for the Holidays: eCommerce Shipping, Management, and Branding

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to get your seasonal game plan together.


Zapier Part 2: How to Build a Custom Zap

DataAutomation is back again to bring ShipStation users their expertise on developing Zapier automations. This time we’ll get a walkthrough of how to build custom zaps, utilize searches and filters, and develop workflows beyond 2 steps. Do...


Tapping the Subscription eCommerce Growth

Join us for a free webinar where LemonStand’s VP of Growth, Ross Paul shares his perspective on this fast-growing market.

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Hermes and ShipStation Webinar
Hermes & ShipStation: Improving customer satisfaction through better order and delivery management

Figures show online shopping has surged more than 120% due to coronavirus, meaning customer experience has never been more important to your business, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Our experts are here today to discuss how early communic...


Hermes & ShipStation: The Importance of eCommerce Returns – Debunking the myth that ‘Returns are a nightmare!’

The current pandemic has had a huge impact on the retail sector with many being forced to close bricks and mortar stores, and accelerating the shift to online sales. While most retailers have an excellent ecommerce e...

February 16th @ 11am GMT

How to Increase Revenue Graphic
How to Increase Revenue through Multichannel Selling

Incorporating more selling channels into your ecommerce strategy is an easy way to grow your customer base and revenue streams.


Breakfast & Talk: Creating a frictionless end-to-end customer experience

Figures show online shopping has surged more than 120% due to coronavirus, meaning customer experience has never been more important to your business, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Fortunately for you, Big Commerce, the world’s lea...

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ChannelAdvisor & ShipStation: 5 Tips for Expanding Internationally

Ready to grow internationally? Here are the 5 essential tips you need to know for a successful expansion.


Post Purchase Branding
Your Brand’s Journey: The Importance of Post Purchase Branding

E-commerce subscription boxes have grown in popularity for a variety of products: makeup, apparel, skincare, dog toys, etc. Platforms like ShipStation...


How Cotopaxi Strengthened Their Supply Chain

Cotopaxi and Netsuite discuss how Cotopaxi adapted their fulfillment processes to serve their customers during the pandemic.

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Printing Methods

Learn how to become a printing expert in ShipStation! This webinar was previously recorded on February 6, 2020, and will show you various printing options and printing troubleshooting you can set up and use in ShipStation with a focus on ShipSta...


stitchlabs + shipstation fulfill smarter
Fulfill Smarter: Inventory and Order Logistics for Operational Efficiency

As brands grow, there’s an increasing need for inventory and shipping technologies that streamline the fulfillment process for operational efficiency. Join experts from Stitch Labs and ShipStation on a free webinar outlining how modern, h...

ShipStation UK Partner Summit 2021

Our partners are more than just people we work with, they are the key to ShipStation’s huge and continued success, that’s why this year we are hosting our first ever Partner Summit. This special event is designed to give back to our co...

January 14th @2pm GMT!

ShipStation 101

The following is a collection of instructional webinars to help brand new ShipStation users get started.


ERP 101
ERP 101: Enterprise Resource Planning Explained

As businesses grow there comes a point where internal systems and solutions become costly and disconnected. With this new territory, it is oftentimes difficult to pinpoint what exactly it is you need. This might be a...


Better Workflows

Learn how to customize your workflow in ShipStation! This webinar was previously recorded on February 27, 2020, and will show you various tools that you can use to create the workflow that works best for you....


Master Automation in ShipStation

Learn how to make your shipping more efficient through ShipStation Automation! This webinar was previously recorded on March 12, 2020, and will teach you how to get your ShipStation account to do more work for you, plus you’ll lea...


How to Win at Multi-Channel
How to win at Multi-Channel, Selling on eBay and Amazon

ShipStation & MoreCommerce will detail how to create and execute an omnichannel strategy on eBay & Amazon.


ShipBob Webinar
3PL 101: When & How to Outsource Logistics

Outsourcing fulfillment can help your business accelerate in today’s extremely competitive marketplace. But where do you begin? Join us with our partner ShipBob to learn the ins and outs of third-party logistics so you can make the right dec...

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Sell and Succeed on
How to Sell and Succeed on, one of the world’s largest B2B ecommerce marketplaces, is now open to U.S. merchants to list their stores and products and sell to wholesale buyers around the globe. ShipStation has partnered with to grow global business...


how to compete with amazon 1-day shipping
How to Compete with Amazon Prime One Day

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the delivery landscape today, what the future of shipping could look like given the influx of faster delivery options, and ways smaller merchants can keep up with the retail giants through delivery and fulfil...


The Ultimate Tech Stack: 4 Omnichannel Solutions for the Scaling Merchant

Learn how you can grow your ecommerce business with four cohesive solutions to give you the ultimate tech stack.

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How To Master Omnichannel Logistics: Ship From Store Using ShipStation & Modern Retail

Learn how the physical ship from store retail model can be combined with an eCommerce shipping model.


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