Identifying Consumer Behaviour Patterns During Crises

Identifying Consumer Behaviour Patterns During Crises Over the past several years, consumers have shown anything but predictable shopping behaviour. As we continue to grapple with yet another crisis that’s rewriting the rules of retailing, ShipStation and Retail Economics have researched how the cost-of-living crisis is influencing customer behaviour patterns, the potential long-term impact, and what […]

Peak Delivery: The Cost-of-Living Crisis Impact on 2022 Holiday Spending

Peak season is right around the corner, and the ‘cost of living crisis’ continues to bear down on households. This uncertain future has made planning for this year’s shopping season challenging, with customer behaviour difficult to predict and the extent of this economic event’s impact cloudy at best. To help businesses deshroud this ambiguity, ShipStation […]

22 Peak Season Holiday
2022 Peak Season Ecommerce Trends

What striking peak season trends will emerge amidst this year’s economic crisis?  Since the COVID pandemic, peak seasons have felt like a roller coaster and this year is no different. Retailers have had to adapt to a multitude of challenges and trends, from a boom in online sales to the current economic crisis that dominates […]

Case Studies
PrintPost Perfects the Art of Doing Business with ShipStation

PrintPost is a white-label print and framing fulfilment service that allows artists to create and ship prints of their work worldwide. Their warehouse and office space in Essex contains several top-of-the-line printers and other pieces of luxurious tech. However, even the best hardware can’t do its best job without the right software.  Hands-On Isn’t Always […]

Shipping News
Retailers: Here’s how to navigate rising ecommerce costs and tougher times

Depending on where you look, we’re either on our way to a recession, or it’s already started. Regardless, as a small business owner or someone who works in a nimble retailer, navigating rising ecommerce costs and interest rates, inflation and supply chain pressures is challenging. While recessions can be scary, the first thing to remember […]

Shipping News
Ecommerce 2022: What happens next? 

The last two years have been a rollercoaster ride. From COVID-19 lockdowns and the reopening of the High Street to rising inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, many retailers have needed to adapt to scenarios not seen before in our lifetimes. Whilst COVID-19 measures are fading into the past, the impact from those lockdowns is still […]

How to Use ShipStation to Make Your Warehouse More Efficient

Running a warehouse is no easy task for most companies – it invites a range of potential risks that business owners should prepare for. Over and understocking inventory, complicated order fulfilment, lacklustre technology and tiresome manual processes are just a few failures that can severely impact warehouse production. ShipStation’s automated technology helps make these issues […]

omnichannel retail Selling Channels
The Future of Omnichannel Retail:

Retail is evolving. The days of operating brick-and-mortar retail establishments and eCommerce businesses in a silo are coming to an end. To be successful, retailers must focus on providing a seamless experience through a comprehensive omni-channel strategy. The eCommerce experts at ShipStation explain why omni-channel is the future of retail and why it’s important for […]

Selling Channels
Top 5 Places to Sell Online

Selling online opens a whole world of opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Unlike selling in a brick-and-mortar store, ecommerce allows you to sell to people across the globe, and there’s a wide range of marketplaces and platforms to help get your products in front of people who want to buy them.  Over the past […]

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Goodbye Abandoned Baskets, Hello Higher Checkout Conversion with Optimisation

Did you know that nearly 69% of baskets are abandoned? As an ecommerce retailer, it’s essential to improve this in order to improve customer experience, turning those abandoned baskets into sales. The ecommerce experts at ShipStation provide a comprehensive list of how you can optimise your checkout experience to ensure you’re turning those visitors into […]

international ecommerce Shipping Basics
International Ecommerce: Questions to Ask Before Selling Internationally

No matter what your international ecommerce activities or what you sell online, one of your priorities will be to find and attract new customers. The good news is that you can count on product interest from international customers. In the era of international ecommerce, 25.5% of European online purchases are made abroad. Therefore, there is […]

Shipping Basics
5 Ways to Personalise Your Ecommerce Website

You’ve set up your website, and jam-packed it with your products, but what’s next? How do you get customers to visit, and more importantly, how do you get them to return for additional purchases in the future? Today’s online shoppers expect the same enticing experience they receive when they shop in-store. Engaging with your customers […]


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