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Shopify Shipping and Tracking

Create your online store with the Shopify integration and automate shipping with ShipStation

The Shopify integration helps you create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that find you customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day. Best of all, it integrates perfectly with ShipStation. Read our Guide to Shipping Shopify Orders guide to find out how ShipStation can set you up for success with Shopify! 

Create your online store with Shopify and automate shipping with ShipStation

The Shopify integration is here to make the business of selling online easy, beautiful, and affordable. Together, we can help you sell and ship out all of your orders quickly and easily! Check out how you can connect Shopify with ShipStation to streamline Shopify shipping and order fulfillment. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, Shopify and ShipStation give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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Reasons to love Shipstation’s Shopify Integration

Easy Setup

Connect your Shopify account to ShipStation in seconds and seamlessly sync your product and shipping updates back and forth.

Order Syncing

Gain complete control and insight into all of your orders at every stage of the shipping process, from all of your different selling channels.

Product Information

Product details such as item name, SKU, weight, and images import with the order so you have all you need to quickly pick-and-pack the order.

Custom Fields

Map special fields such as Fraud Risk and Customer Loyalty (total amount spent, orders placed) into ShipStation’s custom fields and run automation rules based on these fields.

Order Edits

Refunds, cancellations, and line item changes are synced with every import so you avoid shipping out unnecessary orders.

Manage Your Shipping Anywhere

ShipStation is web-based and mobile compatible. No matter where you’re at, we help you get ship done.

Automatic Shipping Updates

After shipping label creation, ShipStation transmits the Carrier, Tracking Number, and Shipping status back to Shopify and your customer.

Make Multichannel Selling and Shipping a Breeze

Whether you sell on other channels directly or through Shopify, reach more customers and ship orders from marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

NEW: In-Cart Delivery Options
Show live shipping rates and delivery timeframes on your Shopify checkout page from all your connected carriers. No more concerns about inaccurate shipping rates.

Adding your Shopify store to ShipStation

  1. Log in to your Shopify store’s admin site
  2. Head over to My ShipStation account
  3. Click on the Settings gear
  4. Click on the Selling Channels
  5. Click on Connect a store or Marketplace and search for Shopify
  6. Copy the Shopify Store’s URL and paste it into ShipStation and click Test Connection
  7. Then Click Finish
  8. Make sure you install the app and fill out the store information
  9. Then click Save Changes

About Shopify

Shopify is a hosted shopping cart system—meaning you don’t have to have your own server and
is perfect for any eCommerce seller. If you’re just starting out or if you’re a wildly successful business, Shopify gives you all the tools you need to sell online including a newly introduced. And if you’re ever missing a feature, chances are it’s already part of Shopify’s large partner network as a part of their stellar app store.

Shopify Faqs

How can I consolidate all my shipping activities on Shopify to improve efficiency?

ShipStation seamlessly integrates with Shopify, creating a central hub for all your shipping needs. This means you can manage orders, select carriers, and print labels, all without leaving the platform, thus enhancing your shipping efficiency.

Can I offer promotional shipping rates or free shipping for specific Shopify promotions?

Absolutely. By leveraging ShipStation’s dynamic shipping rules in conjunction with your Shopify store, you can create promotional shipping rates or offer free shipping based on specified criteria, allowing you to run targeted promotional campaigns.

I’m struggling to manage returns from my Shopify store. Is there a streamlined process?

ShipStation offers a dedicated returns management system. Once integrated with your Shopify store, you can provide your customers with easy-to-use return labels and track returns, making the process smoother for both you and your customers.

I’ve heard about “branded tracking” for e-commerce shipments. How can I implement this for my Shopify store?

ShipStation offers branded tracking solutions. By linking it to your Shopify store, you can offer customers a branded tracking page, reinforcing your brand’s identity every step of the way, from purchase to delivery.

How do I ensure that my Shopify store’s international orders comply with global shipping regulations?

When you integrate ShipStation with Shopify, you gain access to its tools that aid in generating the necessary customs documentation. This ensures that your international orders adhere to shipping regulations, making global selling hassle-free.

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