eBay Shipping and Tracking Integration

With the ShipStation and eBay integration we empower you to access all of your eBay order information in a single interface. We ensure you’re able to provide a more personalised experience for your eBay customers.

But most importantly, you spend less energy on shipping and fulfilling eBay orders and more energy on growing your business.

ShipStation and eBay Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements

  • An active seller account with eBay. eBay username and password.
  • Credentials are up to date. eBay requires you to authenticate your store every year.

Order Import Requirements

  • Include a Ship To address.
  • Contain at least one item.

How do I set up eBay shipping for ShipStation?

Well, you’ll be grateful to hear that it’s super straightforward, all you need to do is follow the steps outlined below:

  • 1 Go to your ShipStation account
  • 2 Select ‘Selling Channels’ from the left-hand nav bar, then choose ‘Store Setup’
  • 3 Click ‘Connect a Store or Marketplace’
  • 4 Select the ‘eBay’ tile
  • 5 Click ‘Connect’
  • 6 Log in to your eBay account to authorize the connection

How do I print eBay shipping labels using ShipStation?

Once an order has been placed through on your eBay marketplace, it’s automatically imported into ShipStation, where you can generate and print a label for that order.

To create and print a label from the ‘Orders Tab’, select the orders you’d like to create and print a label for and click the ‘Create + Print label’ button. Click the ‘Print’ button to open the dropdown and select ‘Label’. The Label option will only be available if there is a label created for a shipment on the selected order.

This is just one way to print a label using ShipStation, for a more in-depth guide please refer to our Print Labels article.

Eliminate the guesswork and start forecasting for your business

Connect operational data for real-time reporting and clear, actionable insights into the efficiency of warehouse operations

Eliminate the guesswork and start forecasting for your business

Connect operational data for real-time reporting and clear, actionable insights into the efficiency of warehouse operations

What are the main benefits of using the eBay integration for ShipStation?

Additional Features

Import Click N Collect orders

Enable the import of your eBay Click N Collect orders.

Simply go to your ShipStation ‘Account Settings’, click ‘Selling Channels’, select ‘eBay’, click ‘Store Settings’ and then click ‘Edit eBay Settings’. Here you’ll want to check the box for ‘Import ‘Click N Collect’ orders’.

Add custom field mapping

If you’d like to add additional fields for your eBay orders, we support this. With ShipStation, you can map any of these fields to a custom field:

  • eBay Legacy Order ID (this imports the sales record number)
  • eBay Order Item ID (this imports the eBay item ID number)
  • eBay Listing Marketplace
  • eBay Purchase Marketplace

Imports orders that are part of the eBay Global Shipping Program

Orders that belong to the eBay Global Shipping Program will import into ShipStation alongside your other eBay orders.

Supports eBay POS

Alongside your other eBay orders, ShipStation will also import eBay Guaranteed Delivery orders that use the Door-to-Door option.

Review our Guaranteed Delivery FAQ for more details.

Which carriers can I ship my eBay orders with?

We enable you to ship with all the top carriers so you can offer the most reliable shipping experience for your consumers as well as eBay international shipping.

For more information see our partners page.

eBay Testimonials

Shipstation has a very user-friendly interface, and being able to pull all the orders into one platform saves a lot of time and clicks.
Hoon Kim , Project Specialist, Spigen
We love the rules-based order processing. It eliminates a lot of guesswork from our order processing employees.
Peter Keller , Founder & CEO , Fringesport
Before ShipStation, our shipping process was a nightmare.
Stuart , Warehouse Manager, Austin Bazar

Troubleshooting tips

What do I do if my eBay order imports with no Ship To Address?

This can happen if eBay does not send the order with the Ship To Address the first time.

We recommend waiting a few minutes and carrying out a manual refresh of the store. This should import the order into ShipStation with the Ship To Address.

Why am I being told that the tracking number has already been used and cannot be used for multiple orders?

This has happened because you have combined eBay orders in ShipStation, eBay only allows a tracking number to be added to one order.

We recommend that you don’t combine orders in ShipStation.

Why has the authentication token expired?

This is a security measure by eBay, which means when using third party integrations like ShipStation the authentication token will expire after a certain period of time.
To resolve this, please reconfigure the eBay store connection.

Why can’t I import orders after reconfiguring eBay within ShipStation?

To fix this you can force a reconfigure with ShipStation by revoking an eBay token.

To do this, you’ll need to follow these steps. Sign in to ‘My eBay’, go to ‘My Account’, then ‘Sign in and security’ and click ‘Third-Party App Access’. Select ‘Show’, check the ‘Revoke this authorization’ box and click ‘Apply’.

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