Import, organize, process, and ship all of your eBay orders in a single interface. Start expanding your audience and growing your brand with eBay now.

ShipStation ebay workflow


What does the integration between ShipStation and eBay mean for ecommerce merchants? It means access to all of your eBay order information in a single interface. It means having more time to design a positive customer experience for every eBay shopper.

Above all else, it means spending less energy on shipping and fulfilling eBay orders and more energy on growing your business.


Support for eBay US, UK, Australia, and Canada accounts

Branded Post-Purchase Experience
Always keep your company front and center with a branded tracking page and customer returns portal in addition to branded shipping labels, packing slips, and confirmation emails

Worldwide Carrier Integrations
Ship with the top global carriers, including UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS

Carrier Rates & Discounts
See rates for multiple carriers and quickly choose the best shipping option for each order and carrier discounts available.

Order Details Import
Automatically receive order-specific information such as the shopper’s shipping preferences and buyer notes directly from eBay

Mobile Order Management
Import, manage, and ship eBay orders from anywhere in the world with the ShipStation mobile app

Product Information Import
See the product photos(s) as well as the weight and SKU for each item in your inventory

Discover how the ShipStation and eBay integration can help you increase your feedback scores and seller rating. Start your free trial today!

About eBay

Selling on eBay gives you direct access to 170 million active users in nearly 200 countries — many of whom buy online exclusively from eBay. There’s simply no better way to expand your sales to new markets, extend your selling season, and move excess inventory than with eBay. ShipStation started with eBay, and we couldn’t be happier to support your success on this awesome platform.

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