Etsy Shipping & Tracking integration

Etsy exists to make the life of the handmade artist and seller a bit more profitable. We’re here to make sure that you don’t lose valuable time and money when shipping on Etsy. By connecting ShipStation with your Etsy store, you can quickly compare shipping options, create and print shipping labels, and streamline order fulfillment.

Etsy Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements

  • An active Etsy account.
  • Etsy username and password.

Order Import Requirements

  • Etsy shop name.
  • Include a Ship To address.
  • Be a non-wholesale order.
  • Include a Ship To address.

How do I set up Etsy Shipping for ShipStation?

Follow a few simple steps to integrate your Etsy store with ShipStation and make the most of ShipStation’s automation and order management software.

  • 1 Head over to your ShipStation account
  • 2 Click on the ‘Selling Channels’ button on the left hand side, then click ‘Connect a Store or Marketplace’
  • 3 Click the ‘Connect a Store or Marketplace’, search for ‘Etsy’ and select the ‘Etsy’ tile.
  • 4 Enter your Etsy ‘Username’, then click ‘Find My Shops’. This field is case sensitive.
  • 5 Select the store you want to connect from the ‘Available Shops’ drop-down and click ‘Finish’. At this point, you’ll be redirected to Etsy to confirm access for ShipStation.
  • 6 Click ‘Allow Access’ on the next page to grant ShipStation access to your Etsy store.

How do I print Etsy shipping labels using ShipStation?

Once an order has been made on your Etsy store it will automatically import into ShipStation. This enables you to now create and print a label for that order.

To create and print a label from the ‘Orders Tab’, select the orders you’d like to create and print a label for and click the ‘Create + Print label’ button. Click the ‘Print’ button to open the dropdown and select ‘Label’. The Label option will only be available if there is a label created for a shipment on the selected order.

Eliminate the guesswork and start forecasting for your business

Connect operational data for real-time reporting and clear, actionable insights into the efficiency of warehouse operations

Eliminate the guesswork and start forecasting for your business

Connect operational data for real-time reporting and clear, actionable insights into the efficiency of warehouse operations

What are the main benefits of using the Etsy integration for ShipStation?

Additional Features

Custom field mapping

You’re able to map the ‘Etsy Gift Wrap + Price’ to one of ShipStation’s custom fields. Simply go to your ‘Account Settings’ in your ShipStation account, click ‘Selling Channels’, ‘Store Setup’ and then click ‘Edit’ for your Etsy store. In the ‘Store Settings’ tab, set the drop-down for the custom field you wish this information to map to and save your changes.

How does Etsy tracking work with Shipstation?

Any Etsy order placed and imported into Etsy can be tracked. When an order has been shipped both the tracking # and the carrier name is submitted back to Etsy. You can also use ShipStation’s branded tracking pages to track any Etsy order.

Which carriers can I ship my Etsy orders with?

We enable you to provide a frictionless shipping experience for your customers. By using ShipStation to integrate with Etsy you can ship with a variety of major carriers.

For more information see our partners page.

Etsy Testimonials

Overall, your company has eliminated my frustration with shipping on a daily basis!
Nicole Ebbitt Founder, Master Confectioner, The Caramel Jar
Has so many great features that make our shipping process faster and smoother. The automation alone saves us hours of time every week!
Amanda Siska , Owner, Artist, Bread and Badger
I ship all orders from my different platforms at once and I’m not wasting time viewing reports from three different places. All these things mean I’m spending less time on shipping items and more time on building my business!
Andrea Daniel , Owner, August Ink

Why is my username not recognised?

This error typically takes place when trying to connect your Etsy account to ShipStation and it indicates that the username entered into ShipStation is incorrect.
Luckily it can be easily resolved. We recommend that you reconfigure your Etsy store and ensure you are using your Etsy username and not login name.

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