The Caramel Jar has been featured in lots of food & wedding magazines like Martha Stewart Weddings, Food & Wine, Better Homes & Gardens and more! We in the office have ordered their amazing caramels several times (each!), and think they are quite possibly the easiest things in the world to love.

Where They Sell
“Overall, your company has eliminated my frustration with shipping on a daily basis!” Nicole Ebbitt Founder / Master Confectioner

How’d you get into the caramel-making business?

I love answering this question! I found my way into the caramel business after discovering there just wasn’t a caramel company out there offering what I was looking for: classic caramels packaged using eco friendly materials. Thus, here we are! Three years and counting!

Do you experiment with other flavor combinations (or other baking/sweets creation entirely) outside of your business?

I love spending time in the kitchen. I’m really ambitious and there really isn’t anything I won’t try to create. I’ve cured bacon, baked breads and other sweets, and can make a mean Korean dumpling. When I step out of my kitchen, I’m a bit more adventurous with my eating! For me, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a meal with friends and family.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

Shipstation is amazing! I had spent a year and a half on Etsy using PayPal Multi-ship and it was the most stressful part of my day! Half of the time, I’d receive an error message saying it was “unavailable” etc leaving me without a quick and easy way to print shipping labels. After discovering Shipstation, tasks such as batch shipping, adding new orders, and saving addresses that we use frequently {monthly clubs} transformed my ability to execute labels quickly and easily! Overall, your company has eliminated my frustration with shipping on a daily basis!

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

One of my all time favorite features is actually really simple, but rarely offered by other shipping services…the Pick List! Holy smokes – so easy! Our production is done after the client places the order, so it’s convenient to click the boxes of orders that need to be shipped x day, and come up with a to-do list not only for shipping, but also for our production team!