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BUSINESSWIRE | April 11, 2023

ShipStation Launches New 3PL Feature

ShipStation announced the release of ShipStation 3PL, its first-ever feature designed specifically for 3PLs. The solution gives 3PLs the power to streamline client onboarding and management through a self-service portal. 

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FreightWaves | October 19, 2022

Auctane reaches deal with Postal Service on shipping rates

“Inflation and economic uncertainty are forcing consumers to rethink their spending priorities this holiday season,” said Robert Gilbreath, general manager of ShipStation. “To combat this, merchants should proactively formulate a holiday season game plan. This includes reexamining and improving the experience they offer from the moment an order is placed online through last-mile delivery.”

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FreightWaves | March 18, 2022

No holiday for delivery firms as fuel prices remain elevated

“With the advent of many more new last-mile [and middle-mile] options, shippers do have the ability to better manage the impact of these surcharges than they did in years’ past,” Iyer said, noting programs run by ShipStation, ShipWorks and even the U.S. Postal Service that offer no fuel surcharges.

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