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ShipStation and PULPO Announce Partnership in North America and Europe

September 28, 2023

Great news! ShipStation and PULPO have partnered to streamline shipping and warehouse operations for merchants in North America and Europe. 

What does this mean? This collaboration integrates ShipStation’s shipping solution with PULPO’s WMS, providing merchants a new opportunity to streamline their ecommerce and logistics practices. 

ShipStation users gain access to PULPO’s WMS for automation, faster order processing, inventory accuracy, and reduced errors. PULPO merchants will have access to ShipStation’s scalable shipping solution that seamlessly integrates with their warehouse processes, automates shipping, provides access to discounted carrier rates and offers increased visibility on deliveries. 

Why does it matter? With PULPO, we’re able to provide more merchants around the world with access to the tools they need to scale their businesses, both domestically and internationally. The plug and play integration is easy to set up and enables businesses to take their warehouse and shipping processes to the next level. We’re looking forward to working with PULPO to help merchants scale and to achieve operational excellence!

The integration is now available for all merchants on ShipStation’s platform. Find out more about the partnership and start a free trial today: https://www.shipstation.com/partners/pulpo-wms/

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