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ShipStation Releases Order Planning Enhancements For Merchants

August 2, 2023

Great news! Today, we released a new-and-improved Order Details interface with the goal of providing merchants a more seamless multi-shipment experience. 

Why did we do this? When orders are large, have multiple heavy items, or contain unique products, shipping a single package can be more expensive. Spending time deciding how to split orders can cause delays in getting shipments out the door and into customers’ hands, resulting in lost time and dollars. We’ve listened to your feedback, and our new Order Details design provides a scalable order planning experience in ShipStation. 

What will this look like? The update grants merchants a seamless multi-shipment experience with a dedicated panel view for every shipment. With this new view, merchants can easily move between shipments across a single order and easily update critical information across multiple shipments – empowering them to make the best shipping decisions possible for each order.

What enhancements are included in the update? On the Order Details page, ShipStation merchants now get: 

  • A larger screen area – allowing for more order information to be displayed with less scrolling 
  • A more intuitive multi-shipment experience, with the ability to focus on each shipment
  • The ability to create and print documents for one shipment at a time 
  • The ability to update more information, like Ship to Addresses, “Assign to”, and “Add to a Batch” 
  • A new Order Summary page that provides additional order context by displaying more order information from your store

These updates are live today on the ShipStation platform, around the world. For a walkthrough of all improvements to the Order Details page, please find further details here.

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