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What is ShipStation?

Learn how our shipping software can help you grow your business and save time and money on shipping.

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How to Ship Orders

ShipStation offers multiple ways to ship your orders. Let's go over the different ways.

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How to Add Selling Channels

Adding multiple selling channels to ShipStation allows you to sell across more platforms. Here's how to navigate through the process.

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Import Orders via CSV Spreadsheets

Learn how ShipStation lets you import orders from CSVs or other spreadsheets.

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How to Track Shipments

Learn how you and your customers can track outbound shipments with ShipStation

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How to Create Return Labels

Learn about all the different ways to create return labels within ShipStation

How to Use ShipStation’s Import Automation Tools

Once your orders import, ShipStation starts applying shipping configurations that you've defined. Learn about product presets, shipping presets,...

How to Batch Orders and Bulk Print Labels

Batch shipping is a quick and easy way to print up to 500 labels at once. This video explains how to add assign, customize, and print multiple...

How to Create End of Day Forms

End of day forms, also known as shipping manifests, are how carriers quickly load your day's shipments into their system. This video explains...

How Product Automation Works

Learn how to save shipping configurations and presets to your products to automatically apply to future orders containing them.

How to Print with ShipStation Connect

ShipStation connect makes printing labels even faster. We explain how to download and install ShipStation Connect, how it works, and how to use...

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How to Tag Orders

Tagging orders lets you fulfill them more quickly. Find out how to tag orders here.

Import Orders (Legacy)

You can import your orders into ShipStation with a store update, uploading a CSV file, or creating a new manual order.

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What Is ShipStation?

ShipStation is a web-based shipping software trusted by tens of thousands of ecommerce merchants.

Account Setup (Legacy)

Getting started is simple and we'll get you from zero to ship in no time. This video will go through the steps of connecting a selling channel,...

Ship Orders (Legacy)

Now that your orders are in ShipStation, it's time to process and ship them. It's simple to create labels in ShipStation from the sidebar or...

Get Support (Legacy)

If you need help or support with ShipStation software, we've got you covered. We offer account managers to help you get started on your trial,...

Add Shipping Provider (Legacy)

Add your shipping provider (carriers & fulfillment) to ShipStation to create labels, get shipping rates and choose from your favorite services.

Set Label Layout (Legacy)

Set your label layout in ShipStation for your label printer, whether it be 4x6 or 8.5x11. Set your default printing methods to save time and...

Add Ship From Location (Legacy)

Add your ship from location in ShipStation to start creating labels and get shipping rates in the calculator. An origin address (to get rates)...

Order Import Rules (Legacy)

Set product preset groups, product details, service mappings, and automation rules to automatically apply shipping configurations to your orders.

Inventory Management Solution (Legacy)

Are you a good fit for ShipStation's native Inventory Management solution? Find out here.

Inventory Management Setup (Legacy)

How to setup ShipStation's native inventory management solution.

Create a Return Label (Legacy)

In ShipStation you can create a return label for an entire shipment or select items within an order.

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