Boost your ecommerce with Pulpo warehouse management system

Pulpo WMS is a cloud-native and scalable warehouse management system designed to help ecommerce businesses to streamline their warehouse operations.

With Pulpo WMS, ecommerce businesses of all sizes can easily manage their inventory, optimize warehouse layout and improve order accuracy, all while reducing labor costs and boosting productivity. The software is user-friendly and scalable, making it easy for businesses of any size to get up and running quickly. Pulpo WMS covers all core features that online retailers need:

Pick, pack and go: Manage all processes from picking and packing to shipping and delivery in the blink of an eye.

Warehouse Wizard: Build a digital twin of their warehouse per drag and drop.

Real-time data insights: Make informed decisions and improve their operations.

Seamless integrations: Integrate easily with other software solutions, such as ERPs and ecommerce platforms through an open API.

A tool employees love to use: Operate their warehouses on a smartphone with one click.

Pulpo WMS is not just a software provider – we’re a team of warehouse experts dedicated to the success of online merchants!

Reduce picking time by 3x
Improve the efficiency of your operations with automated task distribution, optimum routes, and flexible staffing.

Reduce error rate by 99.9%
Using sophisticated procedures and a user-friendly user interface, eliminate mistakes in a receiving, storing and shipping.

Lower operating costs by up to 50%
Enhance your intralogistics and utilize your workforce to the fullest.

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