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ShipStation Enhances GlobalPost SmartSaver Offering

July 11, 2023

From hassle-free shipping to low, competitive rates, GlobalPost is the carrier of choice for growing businesses, designed from the ground up to help merchants reach more shoppers worldwide. But did you know that GlobalPost can save merchants up to 30% off its already low rates through its SmartSaver program? Today, ShipStation introduced a new and easy way to unlock these discounts by letting merchants consolidate their packages before they reach a GlobalPost processing facility.

What is GlobalPost SmartSaver? If you ship 5+ international parcels a day, you can qualify for additional discounts by using SmartSaver to consolidate multiple shipments into one single container parcel. ShipStation users can bundle their shipments, send them out to a GlobalPost facility, and save up to 30% off of their  shipping costs.

How do I consolidate my GlobalPost parcels and unlock the savings? This article gives the full rundown, but in short, in ShipStation, you’ll create individual shipment labels, and then create the label for the consolidation container. After placing all of your shipments into one large container, and sending that shipment to a GlobalPost Processing Center, the team at GlobalPost will handle the rest – getting your individual international shipments where they need to go, at a fraction of the cost. It’s easy, and there’s no need to pre-sort packages by destination.

How else can GlobalPost SmartSaver help merchants? In addition to shipping discounts, SmartSaver offers full tracking capabilities – from the moment the consolidated shipment is in the mail stream, to the time the individual parcels reach the customers’ doors. 

Why we’re excited about GlobalPost SmartSaver. Shipping internationally can be expensive, and we understand that the more merchants can lower their shipping costs, the more easily they can reach international buyers. GlobalPost SmartSaver is a testament to our commitment to helping all merchants — wherever they sell and however they ship — be exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders. 

Click here to learn more about using GlobalPost SmartSaver in ShipStation, and here to sign up for this service today. 


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