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ShipStation Releases Direct Integration with NetSuite

June 9, 2023

Great news! We’re excited to share that the NetSuite integration for ShipStation is now live. 

What does this mean for merchants? ShipStation users can now connect directly to NetSuite without the use of a third-party integrator. A native integration, ShipStation for NetSuite helps merchants scale faster, increase productivity and efficiency, and ultimately save time and money. 

What’s the benefit of using this integration? ShipStation syncs your orders from NetSuite and returns your fulfillment and tracking information to NetSuite, allowing you to:

  • Automate nearly every step of your shipping process with presets, rules, and defaults
  • Import orders from NetSuite and sync seamlessly between systems to eliminate errors
  • Lower shipping costs by diversifying your carriers and rate shopping
  • Reduce fulfillment lag time and batch hundreds of orders

Click here to learn more about the integration and gain access to ShipStation for NetSuite. 

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