Ecommerce marketplace solution for driving growth & sales on TikTok

Backed by TikTok’s unique, discovery-based content recommendations, TikTok Shop helps sellers to reach the right audience, enhance customer satisfaction, maximize the power of branding and, in the end, helps businesses to grow and thrive.

TikTok Shop powers direct product purchases through shopping carts embedded in short videos, LIVE shopping events, as well as a marketplace through the new Shop Tab without compromising inspiration or fun that users get while they watch, share and create short videos on TikTok.

From initial customer engagement to final purchase and product shipping, TikTok Shop provides a seamless, in-app shopping experience that shortens the customer journey and drives conversion for brands and sellers. Connect your TikTok Shop to ShipStation and ship with confidence.

This is commerce, evolved. Join TikTok Shop now!


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TikTok Features

Your customers are already here
There are 6.7 million posts on #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and 46% of users say they discover brands and products on their For You feeds.

Low Commission
Competitive commission offered for TikTok Shop new sellers – one of the lowest among similar marketplaces.

Incentive Programs*
Get access to exclusive incentive programs to grow your business from scratch *Terms & Conditions apply.

TikTok Shop Specialists
Dedicated TikTok Shop specialists to help you build a solution that will address your unique business needs.

TikTok Shop App Store
Variety of integrations and apps to connect TikTok Shop with your preferred commerce platform, omnichannel management tool or other e-commerce solution provider.

Store Management Support
TikTok Shop Seller Center for everything you need to run your business on TikTok, TikTok Shop Affiliate to collaborate with creators, TikTok Shop Academy to level up your TikTok Shop knowledge, and TikTok Shop Partners to leverage a network of approved vendors to help you grow and succeed.

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