Royal Mail is the UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider, supporting customers, businesses and communities around the UK and to over 220 destinations worldwide.

About Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the UK’s most trusted delivery company by online shoppers.* Royal Mail offers Guaranteed, Tracked, Standard and Return Parcel Services within the UK and to over 220 destinations worldwide.

Royal Mail is the only company delivering a “one-price-goes-anywhere,” six days a week service to more than 29 million addresses across the UK.

Royal Mail Features We Support

Automatic creation of end of day manifests

Generation of return labels

Domestic package return support

ShipStation ♥ Royal Mail

ShipStation’s eCommerce merchants based in the UK will now be able to ship to customers throughout the UK and worldwide using ShipStation’s shipping software and Royal Mail parcel delivery services. This provides UK eCommerce sellers the premium shipping and fulfillment services allowing them more time to grow their online business.

* Delivery Matters 2016, independently conducted by Trinity McQueen.


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