About GlobalPost

GlobalPost is the easiest, most economical way to ship lightweight international packages under 4.4 lbs. Connect to customers in over 200 countries using the powerful USPS global delivery network. At GlobalPost, we streamline the international shipping process by sorting, bundling and routing USPS packages through our state-of-the-art facilities and on to their final destination. And, GlobalPost is as easy to use as any USPS service.

GlobalPost Features We Support

Ease of Use
No confusing documentation or customs forms to complete. We do it for you.

Schedule a pickup with GlobalPost SmartSaver at a time convenient for you.

Includes $100 of replacement coverage, plus a refund of lost shipping costs.

Track packages door-to-door to 31 countries; door-to-customs to 220.

Save up to 5% with GlobalPost and up to 20% with GlobalPost SmartSaver™.

ShipStation ♥ GlobalPost

This new integration makes shipping lightweight packages internationally more efficient and easy while maintaining the reliability provided by the USPS global delivery network. Print GlobalPost shipping labels directly from ShipStation and save up to 20%.

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