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Millions love SHEIN, now it’s your brand’s time to shine! Join SHEIN Marketplace to transform your social shopping experience.


SHEIN Marketplace is an online platform where third-party merchants and brands can sell their products alongside SHEIN-branded items. We provide an opportunity for businesses to reach SHEIN’s global customer base and leverage our infrastructure and resources for sales and growth. Third-party sellers can access real-time insights and market data to enhance their selling strategies and capitalize on market trends. With over 130,000 merchants who trust ShipStation, you too can now seamlessly manage your SHEIN orders through the ShipStation platform.


  • Streamlined Order Management
    Consolidate and manage your SHEIN orders alongside other operations within ShipStation's unified platform.
  • Efficient Shipment Processing
    Utilize ShipStation’s efficient tools for faster order fulfillment. This includes access to multiple shipping carriers and preferential rates, ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery.
  • Advanced Automation Capabilities
    Streamline your workflow with ShipStation’s automation features, designed to reduce manual effort and increase operational efficiency.

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