The ShipStation and DHL eCommerce (formerly DHL Global Mail) integration is designed to offer consistent delivery performance to high volume mailers and shippers.


DHL eCommerce is teamed up with USPS to offer eCommerce business services, and ShipStation is partnered with DHL eCommerce order tracking to offer it to you. Easily create DHL eCommerce shipments and print custom shipping labels by linking your DHL eCommerce account to ShipStation. Also, with ShipStation’s DHL eCommerce shipping software, your international customs documentation is automatically generated. Start shipping both domestically and internationally with DHL eCommerce and ShipStation today!



Shipping products weighing between 1 ounce and 15 pounds within the US? Looking for a more cost effective way to get your products from your door to theirs? DHL eCommerce is here to help! Through our strategic partnership with Endicia, linking your existing DHL eCommerce domestic account to ShipStation is easier than ever.

With DHL eCommerce’s domestic service, you’ll be able to ship:

Advertizing materials, reports, brochures, etc. (1 – 16 oz.)

Books, catalogs, directories, etc. (1 – 15 lbs.)

Requested catalogs, books, electronic media, etc. (1 oz. – 15 lbs.)

Lightweight Parcels
General packaged merchandise, pharmaceuticals, sunglasses, etc. (1 – 16 oz.)

Apparel, consumer electronics, prescriptions, product samples, etc. (1 – 15 lbs.)


Shipping large quantities of internationally-bound mail or parcels weighing up to 44 pounds? Look no further than DHL eCommerce! Their international shipping and mailing services provide fast, dependable delivery with reduced postage costs. Linking your existing DHL eCommerce International shipping account to ShipStation is a breeze.

DHL eCommerce’s International mailing and shipping products include:

Statements, advertising mail, catalogs, etc. (up to 4.4 lbs.)

Packet & Packet Plus
T-shirts, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Parcel & Parcel Direct
Samples, merchandise, electronics, games (up to 44 lbs.)

About DHL eCommerce

DHL eCommerce has teamed up with USPS to offer their eCommerce service, and we’ve teamed up with DHL eCommerce to offer it to you. Also, with ShipStation, your International customs documentation is automatically generated. Easily ship e-commerce orders via DHL eCommerce by linking your shipping account to ShipStation today!


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