ShipStation High-Volume: Introducing Shipping Strategies & Auto-Split

Published on September 5, 2023
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Keeping up with the demands of enterprise parcel delivery is challenging. With so many moving parts, constant changes to shipping services and label fees, plus staying on top of processing speeds all cut into fulfilment time. This is why ShipStation has built Shipping Strategies and Auto-Split. These automated features let you keep up with the demands of running a warehouse and takes the guesswork out of shipping. In addition to these features, ShipStation High Volume also has other features that warehouses need to streamline shipping and reduce fulfilment and delivery costs.

ShipStation has a very user-friendly interface, and being able to pull all the orders into one platform saves a lot of time and clicks.

Hoon Kim, Product Specialist at Spigen

Shipping Strategies

Think of Shipping Strategies as automated rate shopping. Shipping Strategies let you configure a preferred group of shipping services for different types of shipments, such as international, express, or ground deliveries. ShipStation compares the group of services and automatically applies the service with the lowest rate to your shipment. 


To provide automated solutions for the time-consuming process of splitting orders into multiple shipments, ShipStation has launched Auto-Split (automated order splitting) for all merchants that subscribe to our current High-Volume shipping plan. We provide warehouse teams with a time-saving solution to the problem of manual entry and order splitting. No more splitting headaches!

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More ShipStation High-Volume Features 

In addition to Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies, the new and improved ShipStation High Volume plan gives you access to other features that help merchants fulfill orders on an enterprise scale. 

Cubiscan Dimensioners

Cubiscan dimensioners are great for quickly and automatically determining the dimensions and weight of a parcel. Once this information is calculated, you want to automatically apply these dimensions and weight to your label-printing solution. The time-saving benefit of dimensioners is multiplied when you have to ship hundreds or thousands of shipments. Thanks to ShipStation Connect’s Cubiscan integration, you can reduce the time it takes to fulfill and ship your parcels without the need for manually entering dimensions and weights from the scales. 

ShipStation does the order evaluation of what’s quickest and/or what’s cheapest. Then the item is pretty much ready to be shipped out.

-Sean Wienle, Director of Ops & Data for Cotopaxi  

Product Bundles

If you sell bundled items or kits containing multiple component SKUs, your team needs product-level insight to quickly and efficiently deliver orders to your customers. Product Bundles help fulfill, ship, and track bundled items within ShipStation more thoroughly. 


The ShipStation Open Database Connectivity ODBC (client is an advanced integration tool that allows you to quickly and conveniently connect ShipStation to an existing data source using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). Instead of updating your database, just update the connection! ShipStation High Volume makes this as easy as connecting almost any other selling channel. 

ShipStation helped us scale. We’re able to ship 15,000 orders a day without blinking an eye.
Greg Park, Founder and CEO

Other Reasons to Use ShipStation High Volume

ShipStation provides simple automation tools, discounted shipping rates, and world-class support that empower brands and companies that work on an enterprise scale. Mix and match your existing carrier rates with our ShipStation Carrier rates. Get dedicated onboarding support and start shipping in no time. Connect your ERPs, CRMs, 100s of order sources, tools, and platforms… whatever you need! Even if you need a complex EDI integration, we’ve got you! Join the thousands of brands and businesses that use ShipStation to save time and money on shipping and use the resources into scaling their warehouses, brands, and selling presence. 

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