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Logicbroker Integration

Logicbroker allows you to send & receive EDI directly with ShipStation. You no longer need to data enter and manually process drop ship EDI orders!

About Logicbroker

Logicbroker allows you to send & receive EDI directly with ShipStation, eliminating the need to data enter and manually process drop ship EDI orders.  By leveraging the award-winning Logicbroker cloud platform,  you’ll onboard EDI retailers quickly without the need for IT resources. Unrivaled automation technology ensures retailer EDI compliance and end-to-end integration with ShipStation. Empower your brand and enjoy a glowing vendor scorecard with robust reporting and proactive compliance notifications designed for a successful drop ship program.

Logicbroker Features We Support

Easy Setup
Connect your ShipStation account to Logicbroker by just sharing your API Keys. Logicbroker performs the testing and going live with your drop ship retailer on your behalf. No EDI experience needed.

Purchase Order (EDI 850) Sync
POs are imported from drop ship EDI retailers automatically through the ShipStation API.

Advanced Shipment Notice (EDI 856) Sync
Shipment information is pulled automatically from ShipStation through the API and sent back to drop ship EDI retailers as an ASN.

No Per Order Fees
Bring incredible value and efficiency to your company without having to worry about being charged per EDI document or kilocharacter.

Robust Web Portal
The robust web portal allows you to manage reports and send other EDI documents like an EDI 846 for inventory updates.

ShipStation ♥ Logicbroker

Logicbroker exists to make your life easier and cut down on the time & resources you spend processing drop ship EDI orders with ShipStation. Logicbroker does this by syncing drop ship POs (EDI 850) directly to ShipStation for you to fulfill. Once the dropship PO is picked and packed you’ll be able to print a retailer’s branded packing slip and an ASN (EDI 856) will be sent back to your retailer automatically. Other EDI documents, notifications, and reports can be managed via the Logicbroker web portal. With Logicbroker and ShipStation you’ll be able to stop wasting resources processing EDI and easily add new drop ship EDI retailers.

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