Peak Season Report 2023

We uncover consumers’ expectations for the 2023 Peak Season, to help you build a robust ecommerce strategy that will drive growth from October to Black Friday, Christmas and beyond.

For 45 % of Australian consumers, high shipping costs is the biggest concern during Peak Season.

Based on data from 8,000 consumers and more than 2,000 merchants across 8 key markets, find out how to adapt to the macro context and meet online shoppers’ needs.

Peak Season Report 2023

In this report you will:

  • Identify the spending intentions across categories, generations and markets.
  • Learn more about online shoppers’ channel preferences and delivery priorities.
  • Get expert advice and strategies on how to build a risk-resistant ecommerce strategy, capable of generating growth in spite of any disruption.
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Get ready for the Peak Season and overcome any challenge that may come your way