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Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog was contributed by our partner Gauge

In late 2007, Mark Lubbers and Daniel Augustine took a big step and moved from friends to co-founders. Working from Daniel’s dining room, they launched a small web design and development firm which they called Gauge.

In those early days, they designed business cards, collateral, and Flash websites. When an upstart ecommerce software called Magento came along, Mark and Daniel recognized its potential and pivoted their business to design and build ecommerce websites.

Gauge is a dedicated team of creators, strategists, marketing mentors, and developers. The company’s mission, to guide retailers through ecommerce business growth, defines why the organization exists: to use the partnership experience to build businesses. Gauge’s approach allows the team to work very closely with their clients and encourages them consider their users a part of their team.

In the ten years that have followed their founding, Gauge has grown in expertise, passion, and size. They now have twenty wonderfully creative, energetic team members spread across the United States. Ecommerce has become a dominating component of retail sales, and Gauge has grown intelligently along with the demand.

When the Gauge team uses creativity to help an ecommerce business grow, they help create jobs, provide for families, and even make a contribution to the American economy. There is great pride in this because they know that if they succeed, so do their clients.

Together their team possesses vast experience in ecommerce and business growth. Their client base has grown to include small and ambitious Shopify retailers all the way up to billion dollar, international enterprises running on Magento.

Gauge currently offers multiple foundational services for the growing ecommerce retailer including:

  • Ecommerce website design and development
  • Marketing and creative
  • Ecommerce business strategy
  • Monthly technical support

By partnering with ShipStation, Gauge is able to integrate their customers’ ecommerce platforms with a top of the line system that will help our clients to handle their shipping with ease, manage their carriers seamlessly in one place, and organize their fulfillment needs.

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