ShipStation’s High-Volume Plan Is Best In Show For Pet Supply Businesses 

Published on November 9, 2023
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The average person is spending more money on their pets, and by 2030, the pet industry is projected to hit $236 billion. As these purchases move online, high-volume businesses need to be prepared to deliver to ecommerce shoppers. Our recent study with Retail Economics found that 61% of customers are willing to spend up to $9 more for premium delivery options, so the speed of shipping is crucial. 

Part of being prepared for online shoppers means having a shipping solution that can match customer demand. ShipStation’s High-Volume Shipping Plan helps businesses deliver with more efficiency and accuracy by centralizing their shipping workflow. Your business can integrate all of your orders, automatically configure the lowest shipping rates, and instantly transmit and update shipping information. This reduces manual entry and streamlines warehouse workflow, reducing the potential for shipping and packaging errors. 

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Available Integrations

Whether you want to connect your ERP, OMS, or selling channels directly, ShipStation allows for time-saving shipping. Create new, simplified workflows or input your own for streamlined shipping from the moment you sign up. Merchants on our High-Volume plan are eligible for unlimited integrations, so the options are infinite. 


Whichever ERP your business uses, you can connect with ShipStation, be it Acumatica, Oracle NetSuite, or Brightpearl. Animal care business and ShipStation merchant EasyCare connects ShipStation to their ERP to help streamline shipping and fulfillment, and your pet accessory business can too. 

Inventory management and order management systems

ShipStation offers integrations with major inventory and order management solutions like SkuVault and ChannelAdvisor to support a more concentrated shipping workflow. Orders can be brought into ShipStation, along with the appropriate inventory deductions, and shipping updates will be sent back to the order sources.

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Order automation 

The fast pace of a warehouse calls for a fast-paced shipping solution. Order automation tools like automation rules, shipping strategies, and auto-split are designed to decrease the need for manual entry and increase the speed at which orders can be packaged and shipped. ShipStation offers merchants the ability to automate the shipping process from beginning to end through the help of automation rules and shipping strategies.

Automation rules 

Automation rules apply carrier services, packaging, and other actions to orders automatically. They are based on user-defined criteria to make shipping hands-off and more efficient. Automation rules aren’t only for shipping configurations; they can also be used to apply order tags to signify priority customers, additional handling needs, and much more. A major advantage of automation rules in the warehouse setting is that they can be used to assign orders directly to warehouse workers. This avoids misships, lost or duplicate shipments, and helps streamline fulfillment.

Shipping Strategies

While automation rules can apply a single shipping service to an order, shipping strategies are like supercharged automation rules that apply the best shipping service to a shipment from a set of shipping services. This enables your business to assign the best carrier service for each of your shipments. When you’re shipping thousands of orders a day, even a few extra pennies can add up quickly. Shipping Strategies help you stay on top of your orders in the most cost-effective ways.


You can automatically split orders with our Auto-Split feature. With Auto-Split, your business can split orders into separate packages to be sent individually or by product type, so your team can fulfill orders with large items, preorders, or backordered items and maintain customer satisfaction. Say your business does a presale for a new collar or bandana, but your customer also purchased a leash and a new dog toy. You’d want your customer to receive the products that were in stock without having to wait for a future release date. 

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Efficiently bundle products 

Pet owners want the best for their animals, which includes buying leashes, collars, food bowls, the works. The downside is that the cost of buying these products separately can be a deterrent. However, if your business offers bundled products, it can lead to more sales and helps to rid your warehouse of overstocked or out-of-season products.

For example, you could create an end-of-summer bundle as winter approaches and configure ShipStation to receive these products as a bundle, instead of individual items. Product bundles allow you to represent multiple products with a single SKU, so they can be picked more efficiently. This way, you can package these items together, reducing fulfillment time and the chances of mistakes. 

Batch Printing  

Print thousands of orders in a matter of seconds with ShipStation’s batch printing. When you use batch shipping in conjunction with automation rules and shipping strategies, you’ll be ready to ship as soon as the labels print out. Some businesses use ShipStation in conjunction scan-based workflows like ShipStation merchant Cotopaxi. Whether you use our scan-to-verify software or a third-party scanning solution, you can batch print or create labels individually, meaning ShipStation can cater to your workflow. 

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Affordable carrier rates 

Whether you’re shipping a heavy item like dog food or a small product like a harness, finding the best shipping rate is essential. ShipStation merchants can save up to 89% off USPS shipments, and up to 82% on international shipments, 78% off UPS® Ground shipments, and 73% off Next Day Air® and 2nd Day Air® by using UPS on ShipStation. You can also integrate personal carrier accounts, so all of your carriers are in the same place. 

ShipStation merchants can also compare rates with our rate calculator to find the best option for your order. Our recent study found that 39% of customers are worried about high shipping costs this holiday season, so keep shipping costs low and customer satisfaction high with the help of ShipStation. 

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