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Published on February 14, 2023
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International shipping unlocks more customers around the world for your business. However, cross-border shipping can be a hurdle many growing businesses encounter. Finding ways to reach new customers across the globe doesn’t have to be scary! That’s why ShipStation is proud to announce a new partnership with GlobalPost. Together, we strengthen our commitment to simplifying international shipping and growing your global customer base. 

GlobalPost is an international parcel delivery provider that offers affordable pricing and streamlined shipping options. Thanks to easy-to-use shipping services and an international network of last-mile delivery partners, GlobalPost makes shipping to over 220 countries and territories hassle-free. The benefits aren’t just that they’re easy to use, they’re also incredibly affordable. Whether you ship one international package a week or hundreds, GlobalPost and ShipStation give you the tools and rates you need to make international shipping scalable. 

Ship Farther, Save More with GlobalPost

GlobalPost keeps costs low by streamlining the shipping process to international destinations. Because of their effective logistics model, you can see substantial savings on international shipping rates. ShipStation users even receive additional discounts on their two most popular services: GlobalPost Economy International and GlobalPost Standard International.

  • Save up to 78% on GlobalPost Economy 
  • Save up to 72% on GlobalPost Standard 

The GlobalPost Advantage

When you create a GlobalPost label, you’ll notice that the recipient address is a domestic location. Your parcel will be sent to a GlobalPost warehouse where it will be sorted, given a label for its destination, have appropriate customs forms applied, and shipped to its final destination. Because of GlobalPost’s efficiency features, shipping with them allows you to bypass much of the hassle and red tape associated with other international carriers.

How GlobalPost Simplifies International Shipping

  • Save up to 78% on GlobalPost Economy 
  • Save up to 72% on GlobalPost Standard 
  • No customs forms to print 
  • Flat-rate shipping options available
  • Flat-rate DDP pricing for Canada-bound shipments
  • No volume requirement for GlobalPost Economy, Standard, or Plus services
  • Parcel coverage up to $200 coverage 

“Partnering with GlobalPost, a fellow member of the Auctane family, helps us fulfill those commitments. From hassle-free global shipping experiences, to deep shipping discounts – up to 78% off of GlobalPost Economy prices – GlobalPost and ShipStation give merchants more opportunities to connect with shoppers worldwide.”

-Robert Gilbreath, General Manager of ShipStation

GlobalPost International Shipping Services

GlobalPost’s services allow you to ship a range of parcels from small and light to large and heavy. And whatever your needs are, one of these affordable shipping options will provide the quality service you and your customers need.

ServiceGlobalPost EconomyGlobalPost StandardGlobalPost Plus
Service Range220+ countries and territories220+ countries and territoriesCanada, Mexico, Great Britain
Weight Limit4.4 lbs for parcels
16 oz for flats
70 lbs66 lbs
Tracking ProvidedDoor-to-CountryDoor-to-DoorDoor-to-Door
Max Value of Goods$400$2500$2500
Free Coveragen/a$100$200
Duties and TaxesPaid by RecipientPaid by RecipientPaid by Shipper

Consolidate Your Shipments with GlobalPost SmartSaver 

Consolidation services allow you to save even more money on shipping. If you ship more than 5 international packages a day,  you may qualify for additional discounts through GlobalPost’s SmartSaver program. The way SmartSaver works is simple: just consolidate your packages into a single box and send it to the nearest GlobalPost processing facility. There’s no need to pre-sort packages by destination. If you’d like to learn more reach out to GlobalPost’s sales team for more information.

How GlobalPost and ShipStation Simplify International Shipping

ShipStation allows you to tap into the full power of GlobalPost. Whether you’re new to GlobalPost or ShipStation, using them together allows you to grow your business into new places. 

How to Enable GlobalPost Within ShipStation

Enabling GlobalPost just requires a few short steps. All you need to do is reach out to GlobalPost to request access to their services through ShipStation. Once enabled, all you’ll have to do is create a label for an international order and the GlobalPost services will appear in the services dropdown. Read our GlobalPost from ShipStation help article for the most up-to-date information on ShipStation’s GlobalPost integration.

Deeper Savings From More Carriers

ShipStation not only gives you access to discounts on GlobalPost services, you can get up to 84% off USPS postage rates, 82% on UPS International® services, 77% off UPS® Ground, and much more. When you sign up for ShipStation, you get instant access to discounts through our ShipStation Carrier Services. ShipStation Carrier Services allow you to access these rates from a single balance in your ShipStation account. 

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