The Two Best Ways to Grow Your Business: DHL Express and ShipStation

Published on June 20, 2023
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As the world’s largest express global delivery provider, DHL Express has more experience shipping to more international destinations than any other carrier. Shipping to over 220 countries and territories, their huge global network includes over 300 dedicated aircraft, 34,500 vehicles, and 120,000 employees. They are at home anywhere in the world – and they prove it daily.

ShipStation and DHL Express Simplify International Shipping

Now, ShipStation is working together with this global shipping giant to remove the complexities of cross-border delivery so that you can grow your business by easily reaching more international customers. Through simplified Customs documents, flexible delivery options and a straightforward, express shipping process, you can deliver a fast and efficient customer experience from pickup to its final destination.

Available DHL Express Services

  • DHL Express Envelope
  • DHL Express Worldwide 

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Why You Should Sell Globally

In today’s interconnected world, international ecommerce is something any business can offer. Exploring new markets can unlock a new realm of possibilities, paving the way for substantial growth, enhanced profitability, a broader customer base, and a solid foundation for sustained success for your brand. Uncovering reasons to engage in international selling is simple, made even more effortless with the assistance of DHL.

Finding new customers doesn’t always require entering already-saturated markets. Sometimes, the best solution is to attract new audiences. One of the best ways to find new audiences is to look internationally. If you can enter markets now, you can get a competitive edge over your competition. ShipStation recently found that 65% of merchants did not expand internationally in 2022

There are common reasons merchants hesitate before expanding into new global markets: 

  1. International shipping can be expensive.
  2. Customs clearance can add delays and expenses.
  3. Delivery takes too long. 

These may be issues in some cases, but ShipStation and DHL work together to take the guess work out of international shipping. With DHL Express’s straightforward shipping options and ShipStation’s robust shipping tools, your customers can receive their orders in a flash and without the hassle. 

Let’s take a closer look:

Save Big on International Shipping Rates

While international shipping can be expensive, when you use ShipStation with DHL, you can leverage their cross-border expertise with discounts of up to 81% off standard rates

ShipStation Carrier Services allows merchants to save a lot of money on both their international and domestic shipping costs. Drawing from a single postage balance, you can access discounts on a range of services including DHL Express, UPS, USPS, GlobalPost, and Seiko LTL shipments. Many of these carriers and services are available upon signup. All you need to do is sign up for ShipStation! With ShipStation the cheapest international shipping rates are always at your fingertips. 

Fast, Efficient Delivery from Pickup to Final Destination

Many people believe international shipping takes longer than it actually does due to complexities with Customs clearance. The ever-increasing demand of consumers for faster delivery means DHL is constantly looking for ways to keep on top of their game when it comes to delivery speed. 

Their international focus means optimizing global routing all the time, ensuring the fastest route around the world for your shipments. Your package clears customs while it is still in the air, speeding your urgent shipment to its recipient. Once landed, your package will reach its destination as quickly as possible thanks to their unique local expertise in almost any market. When you choose to ship with DHL, you gain a competitive edge with secure door-to-door international express delivery to most markets within 2-3 business days* with no minimum shipping volume requirements.

You Can Easily Go Global with These Tips From DHL Express 

DHL Express provides excellent tools, features, and customer service for both senders and recipients of international shipments. And as a result, they are also experts at helping you branch into new global markets. Below are some tips and reasons to expand into international markets. 

Global Market Potential  

The world is your marketplace. Limiting your sales to domestic consumers means you’re leaving massive potential for growth untapped. With the rise of ecommerce and improved logistics, reaching customers in other countries has never been easier. International markets offer a vast pool of consumers hungry for unique and innovative products. Going global lets you tap into new demographics, untapped niches, and diverse consumer preferences, ultimately increasing your revenue streams. 

International Shipping Provides a Competitive Advantage 

Expanding internationally gives you a competitive edge over your domestic rivals who may have overlooked the global market. By taking the leap, you position yourself as an early mover, establishing brand recognition and loyalty in new markets. Furthermore, entering emerging markets allows you to set the standards, dictate pricing, and build strong relationships with local suppliers, creating barriers for potential competitors. 

Market Diversification Expands Sales 

Reliance on selling to your domestic market can be limiting. Expanding internationally helps you diversify your customer base, ensuring your business is less vulnerable to fluctuations in the domestic economy. Having multiple revenue streams can act as a safety net for customers and the global merchants selling to them.

Increased Profitability 

International expansion unlocks the potential for increased profitability. By catering to a global audience, you can scale your operations and achieve economies of scale—reducing production costs. Additionally, selling in other markets with other currencies allows you to take advantage of favorable exchange rates, potentially increasing your profit margins. As you expand, consider strategic pricing and product positioning to optimize your profitability in each target market.  

Overcoming the Perceived Complexities  

While international expansion may seem overwhelming, numerous tools, resources, and services are available to simplify the process. Researching target markets, understanding cultural nuances, and adapting your marketing strategies accordingly are crucial steps. Utilize the right ecommerce software, partner with the most experienced global shipping and logistics providers, and consider employing local agents or distributors to navigate regulatory requirements. These resources allow you to streamline your operations and minimize complexities associated with selling internationally. 

Expanding into international markets can unlock immense growth potential, increase profitability, and diversify your customer base. Embracing international ecommerce positions your brand for long-term success and establishes a competitive advantage in both domestic and global markets. While challenges may exist, ShipStation and DHL Express have numerous resources and tools available to help you overcome them. So take the leap, embrace the world as your marketplace, and tap into the vast opportunities waiting. 

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