shipstation channel advisor workflow


What Success in your e-commerce strategy? Our ChannelAdvisor integration provides a full suite of pieces you need to make and keep your business successful. From features like using automation rules to send alerts whenever you get a high value order, to 1-click returns management, or even sharpening your ecommerce order fulfillment process, here at we have you covered.


Order Syncing
Sync all orders from ChannelAdvisor into a single selling channel within ShipStation.  At the click of a button, all your open order data, including recipient address, products, customer notes, and more will import with the order.

Client Order # or ChannelAdvisor Order #
Choose whether you’d like to identify orders by the Client Order # or ChannelAdvisor Order # to keep all your systems consistent.

Product Information
Product Images, Weights, and Bundle information import along with each order.

Warehouse Location
The Warehouse Location for your products imports along with the order in ShipStation. From there you can easily display the Warehouse Location on the packing slip or the product pick list to help speed up your fulfillment time.

Distribution Center
Easily configure the Distribution Center in ChannelAdvisor to import with your order. For more information on importing the Distribution Center, see this help article.

Order Notes
Import Transaction Notes and Flags as Internal Notes in ShipStation.

Sync Order Updates
ShipStation updates any edits to your ready to ship orders in ChannelAdvisor with the click of a button. Change the address or add an additional product to your order? No problem! Once you update orders in ShipStation, this information will transfer over.

Shipping Updates
Once you create a shipping label in ShipStation, the Carrier Code, Class Code (service), Tracking Number, and Shipping Status update back to ChannelAdvisor automatically.

Complete the Selling Cycle with ChannelAdvisor & ShipStation!

With ChannelAdvisor, you have access to one of the best order consolidation and marketing platforms around. Now combine ShipStation to the mix, and you’ll be equipped to ensure speedy deliveries on every order and streamline the shipping process for the rest of the fulfillment cycle.  Let ChannelAdvisor and ShipStation help you be seen and sell more, and sell more with the best ecommerce shipping rates.


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